June 22, 2010

Pillow Talk #1

Today we are taking a look at a quick and creative way to add "life" to any room. Decorative pillows can give an immediate splash of color and a new feel to many areas in your home. A room with a neutral palette can be the blank canvas for the

use of hot-colored accessories...starting with pillows! Neutral can sometimes feel more formal, so these accent pillows help give it a more casual look. I like to think of decorative pillows as an easy way to incorporate your own personal style and dive into a new world of color. With neutral furniture, these pillows can be layered to add not only a punch of color, but pattern or even a certain theme. This is a versatile design addition that allows you to change with the seasons or update at any time. Now, this is a design tip that can impact your room in an instant! Try a color-punch for yourself...It's "Simply Irresistible"!

Images are courtesy of Coastal Living Magazine.


  1. Woo hoo! I get to be your first follower and leave your first comment! Your blog is wonderful. I can see this being something you are passionate about. Love the first article!

  2. You are just "too" sweet...Thank you for those kind words and for following. I hope you will enjoy it!

  3. Wow! I like it alot! I'll be your loyal follower from now on! Thanks for the pillow tips, I need all the help I can get!

  4. You are most welcome! Glad to have you as a follower and hope you will find the upcoming ideas just as helpful. A simple "new look" for a room is always SO refreshing!