January 31, 2012

"Editing"...for Spring!


We talked about thinking ahead and preparing ideas for our home...for Spring time!  Many times all we need is to "edit"
our design a bit. To edit means to "modify" or "revise"...so, don't you agree that sometimes this is all we need to do to give our space a whole new look and feel?  It doesn't HAVE to be complicated...or even expensive for that matter.  Today we will take a look at a few ways to achieve this "edited" look for the upcoming season!

This is just simply a "vision of Spring loveliness" to me...

Let's look at some fun ways you can get ready to "edit" your space for Spring...

Dash and Albert Parasol Stripe Woven Cotton Rug
For starters you can always add a cotton rug by Dash and Albert to an area to brighten it up...let's say in the kitchen, foyer, or even in the bathrooms.  Luscious colors, such as these, are sure to bring a smile to anyone!

Or even a floral one like this...now THIS, is what I'd call "my style"...I love it.  How about you?

Changing out your lamps can also be an easy way to bring in the springtime.  A lovely lilac lamp here from Currey & Company could be a great choice for any spot. 

Or maybe you'd prefer some upbeat yellow lamps to add in that dash of spring color...also from Currey & Company.  

Close this window
Let your walls talk...with an updated splash of bright color like this pair of framed art.

Or this abstract one...hey, this would look GREAT with those yellow lamps...don't ya think? This combo would definitely get those spring colors flowing in your home!

...Or even with this artwork...what is it?  It's marbles!  How fun is that!!

Aqua Ceramic Vases
And last, but certainly not least...edit those accessories too!  Add in some brightness on those countertops or table tops in your home.
Source here

Peacock Blue Recycled Glass VaseMetallic Lime Recycled Glass VaseRed Recycled Glass Vase

Oh what a great table top trio these would make...look at all that COLOR!  It certainly says "Springtime" to me!

Yellow Delune Flower Frame

Maybe it's time to change up those family photo frames...a simple way to pop more color.  

Turquoise Swirl Bowls
Look at these swirled Italian hand-painted bowls that can be worked into those table tops too.  Aren't they great?

Aarhus Box-Firecracker
Don't forget that decorative boxes can be a fun way to accessorize and add color too.
Source Here 

Acadia Orange and Cream Oval Wastebasket
Accessories such as this bright orange trashcan can brighten up any office space...or bathroom!  
Source Here

OK, now I have to ask you....are YOU ready for Spring yet?  I know I am.  I can't wait to add in some of these wonderful bright colors this year.  Many things that I usually don't "edit" in my own home may just be revised this year...how about YOU?  Do you now have some good ideas to try?  

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits: Propac, House Beautiful, Dash and Albert, Currey & Co., Pier One, ShopTen25.

January 30, 2012

Headboard Beauty

Greetings dear readers...once again, blog time has been short.  I do apologize and hope that you will stay "tuned in" with us.  Our client projects have completely consumed us...turn-key, I might add...but we are thankful.  Speaking of client projects, we are looking at custom headboard styles...what do ya say, want to take a look with us?  Come on, work with us on this part of the project.  

“The graphic floral patterns have a way of making upholstered headboards and pleated bed skirts look a little less buttoned-up,” says Meg.
This style is a similar style to the one I am leaning towards for this client's guest bedroom.  We may just "round" up the sharp edges of it a bit though.  I really like this one along with the fabric...oh and surprise, in the room we are designing we are also working in a garden stool...in red!  It will be used as a side table by a chair.

In each of the bedrooms, Meg embellished simple white coverlets, shams, and bolster pillows with embroidered trim that lends a little graphic weight to the pieces by outlining their shapes.

Now, how about this plain style...do you like it?  Now imagine it without the fabric back drop as shown here...now what do you think of it?  Is it too plain?  Well, in our client's room I think it would be best to use one with some shape to it.  My reasoning behind that...her room is small and rectangular in shape, windows are rectangular, custom built-in unit, in a niche, is rectangular...so I believe we don't need another "rectangle" in the room...but some shape and style.  

Once again, back to that first shape I liked...here it is with a contrast cording (in blue, see it?) along about a three-inch border on it.  Another great way to dress it up a bit.

This one is a great look...especially for a twin bed.  I just don't want this much design on the bed itself...now that's MY opinion...what about you?  Do you like it or not?  

I just HAD to show you this one...mostly because it's PINK...just kidding!  Isn't it great?  Look at all the detail of it.  Double contrast cording (in that yummy PINK), tufted...oh, and those PINK buttons...now THIS...is "Simply Irresistible" indeed!  Hum, now I may need to consider this one for our project.  It is luscious...along with the bedding, lamps, etc.  All of it! 

OK, I have to be honest...I am only posting this style because I think it's "out there"...way out there that is!  This one is not for me, nor my client I might add...what do YOU think of it? 

And then there is this style...I like it, I do.  However for this particular design project, the edges are too sharp...I hope that makes sense to ya.  It's what my design "reasoning" has determined!

Wallpaper Green Upholstered Headboard Bedroom 530x706 10 Creative Headboard Ideas from Famous Designer
Here we go...I think we are getting closer to "the look" and style of a headboard that I'm thinking of.  I love the softening curves that it adds to the room.  This room is small with right many "squares and rectangular objects", like our client's room...see why I am going for a curved look....it does, it "softens" the entire room!

Now, for some headboard styles from our vendors...
60-50 Headboard
I really love this style and the detailing on the wood.  It's available in several finishes too.  However, due to the tightness of the space on this wall (a closet door opens out into the wall where the head of the bed goes...thus taking away space) the finished overall width of this one is too large.  We want to be able to use two nightstands as well...so, good-bye to this one, for this project anyway.

11-50 Full/Queen Headboard
Here is yet another style we considered, but decided it's a "no".  My reasoning on this one was...the padding, even though it's beautiful, it just doesn't fit the style of the room that we are creating.  Let's keep looking...

18-50 Full/Queen Headboard
Much like a few of the others above, but still looking for a more curvy style...you know, my "reasoning".  I am known for all my over-thinking on projects, mostly because my heart SO wants it "just right" for the client.  After all, it's their investment and I want them to enjoy it all for years to come! So...I'll let you know what we decide on...once we find, or design, the exact style we'd like in there. 
 Hope you enjoyed working with us a bit today!  Upholstered headboards are always a great look in any bedroom.  They are much "softer" than just a wood or metal headboard (I know, I really get on this "softening" kick...I don't like hardness in a room!).  Maybe YOU would like to do something different and add one to your bedroom...what do ya think?  It's a great way to make a beautiful focal point!   

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Monday! 

Photo Credits:  Coastal Living, Myhomeideas,  House Beautiful, Sarah Richardson, Cox Mfg.


January 24, 2012

Decisions, Decisions!

Now I know sometimes we all have a hard time making up our mind...right?  I am especially like this when trying to do my own home...way too many options for me!  Take a look at this homeowner's decision...(sorry for the run-over, but wanted to post a large view of it)


Get ready for this...she couldn't decide on "which" fabric to use in the bedroom makeover so she used TWO fabrics for the draperies and on the bedding (look close at the bed and you'll see where the other fabric was inserted!). What do you think of that?  Do you like the draperies...or dislike?  Hum, my first response was that I liked it. It was because it wasn't "the norm"...it struck my eye since it was totally different, but after looking at it a bit longer I'm not so sure I really do like it at all...but I really "think" I do!  

Now "I" am undecided about this drapery panel "look" here...help me out, would you?  Let me know YOUR thoughts and how YOU like it...please!  This could be a new thing for future design projects...especially for those that can't make up their mind!! Ha!

I do like a room that has lots of interesting details, patterns, textures, colors, etc...it actually makes it interesting and makes you want to stay awhile.  If it's a "safe" room, meaning a lack of the above mentioned features...then you can pretty much sum it up and take it all in by a glance or two.  What kind of rooms do YOU have?  Interesting...or safe?  Do tell.

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  Traditional Home

January 23, 2012


Did you miss me?  Ha, just wondering!  I was swept away from "blog land" for several days...


I wasn't really here...only dreaming about it!  

I wasn't swept away by some extravagant vacation nor was I "in retreat" at some fabulous resort spot...nope, just plain 'ole slap busy and up to my knees in...DESIGN WORK.  

Lots of this...

And then, there is this...another project and just a sneak-peek here!

with this...

Currey & Company 6062 Transitional Blue Dante Table Lamp Blue

So THAT is where I have been!  I hated to miss out here in blog land  but clients must come first, right? 

 How about YOU.  Have you started on any new design projects at your house?  It's less than 60 days until Spring...yea!...so instead of it creeping up on us...let's start thinking about some ways to freshen up our rooms.  Hey, that may even be a topic we need to talk about here...what do ya think?  I'm ready...are YOU? 

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

January 15, 2012

Are you on Target?

Hello fellow readers!  We now have a full two weeks of this incredible New Year behind us...can you believe that?  My mom always told me that the older we get the faster time went.  Of course I didn't believe it then...but I sure do now!  Or perhaps it just "seems" to go by faster...which is it? Hum.

With that said...are YOU on target with your plans, dreams and goals for the new year so far?  Come on, it's only been "two" weeks!! It's so easy to name some "resolutions" each year...but do you really plan them out so you can reach them?  Do you set your goals high enough to motivate you?  If you measured where you are at the end of each year would you say you always make progress...or remain the same?  (Another) Hum.  Good question, huh? 

This new year has found ME pondering just how to better reach each of my goals and dreams. I have realized that it is SO VERY easy to fall back into habits (and believe it or not...tradition!) and when we do this...we don't move ahead.  I realize we are not to just live each day of our lives doing the SAME thing day in and day out...know what I mean?  We are to be "going somewhere" with a true purpose and a passion in doing it! 

Where are YOU going?  Do you know?  What are your heart's desires, goals and dreams...are they written down?  (Yes, even another) Hum.  Have YOU spent time yet to determine what they are and how to obtain them?  After all...we can't build a house without PLANS...we can't really decorate without a PLAN...and yet so many times we think (incorrectly, I might add) we can live our lives without plans and end up where we HOPE to be.  

If you need some help and some inspiration to reach your goals and accomplish your dreams...here are two books I am currently reading.  They are pretty phenomenal and I would highly recommend either...or both.  

Available Here

Available Here

And remember...

Make YOUR dreams count...and start planning for them today!  It's not too late to accomplish them for...

And be on the look-out too!  FEAR will be your biggest enemy to pursuing and accomplishing your plans and dreams.  Think about that for a moment...isn't that true most of the time?  Don't let fear and doubt de-rail you this time!!  I try to remind myself often that "God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind". (2 Timothy 1:7)    So, do not fear!

I know this was a different post today, but thanks for letting me share with you.  Maybe it will help inspire you too...to go for it!  Make this year count!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  Unknown, Flickr, Amazon, Google Image, Tumblr, valoanexpert

January 12, 2012

I'm Seeing "Dots"!

Polka dots...how long have they been around?  Forever?  Seems that way!  You either like them or you don't, but I think they will be around for years to come.  They can really be a great little accent in any setting.  Take a look at a few...

This little design is a great look for the back of chairs!

See...more chairs...isn't this a wonderful look for any kitchen or dining room?  I simply love these!

A fun little bench here in this colorful polka dot fabric.

It can make a great little design for headboards or dust ruffles too.

These panels are stunning...don't ya think?


And I do believe my "fave" is a polka dot rug.  It's fresh and inspiring.

Now, can you see that the polka dot can actually be used in any design style...traditional (for a fun flair), country, contemporary, etc...it just works!  So what is YOUR take on this pattern?  Do you have any polka dots in your home?

Be sure to have yourself a...
"Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  HGTV, Tobi Fairley, Traditional Home, BHG, Decor Pad, Benjamin Moore ad, E. Accents.