July 13, 2010

OK....I have decided that since we focused on the "embellishments" that can be added to our pillows, our next topic would have to be my very FAVORITE one of all. That is WINDOW TREATMENTS! Many of these wonderful embellishments that you saw in the last posting can also be used to "make a statement" on window treatments. Many times in a room people make the mistake of not dressing their windows at all. Actually, valances or draperies (and some other possibilities we will talk about) "soften" the room and add that sense of "coziness". This is an important aspect, not only for yourself, but for guests that visit. It speaks to them a sense of "come in, relax, and make yourself at home".

Living room in browns, greens, and blues in varying patterns
Photo courtesy of Coastal Living magazine

I started here in a room with a simple neutral color palette. The accessories punch some color here, but notice the simple window treatments used in this area. They are neutral in color, with a contrasting band sewn on the outer edges. There is only one drapery panel per side of each window. This means you don't have the "bulk" of more fabric (more widths) that you would have if you wanted to be able to close the draperies. These are just simple, stationary panels that add that must have "cozy" touch to the room. Now, imagine for a moment, if these windows were not dressed at all. The room would not be "softened" and the overall effect would not be the same. Do you also see how even the simple contrasting band of fabric, on the edge, makes a statement? This is one way to add an embellishment, but at the same time, keep it simple. Draperies such as these can be custom made (using designer fabrics, trims, and custom sizing) or purchased as a ready-made in many of your local stores. Your options are more limited when using ready-made, especially the fabric choices and lengths, but it CAN be done.

Family dining area with french doors and green floor to ceiling curtains
Photo courtesy of Coastal Living magazine

Here we find floor-to-ceiling draperies in a small print fabric that adds more of a "color punch" to the area. In this room, these draperies actually pull the outside in...look at that! How refreshing! These panels do have more "widths" in them on each side (than previous photo), but this is only a matter of choice, if they are just to enhance the look and feel of the room and are intended to be stationary.

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home magazine

And here we have bold, floral drapery panels that truly make a statement in this room. Extra "widths" are used on each side, because of the overall size of the window, which runs across most of that wall. If you used only one width here, then the window treatments would be off balance and actually look skimpy. Notice also in this photo that the drapery rod is not hung all the way to the ceiling, as the others were. They don't have to go all the way up, and knowing this can help if you are using ready-made draperies with limited lengths available. A good rule of thumb is...the higher the better... since it draws your eye upward and makes the area seem more open and even larger. However, if not taking them all the way up, then try hanging them half the distance between the top of the window casing and the ceiling, as pictured here. This gives you a nice effect too. Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, you HAVE to notice the trim used on the sofa pillows here!!! It is indeed "Simply Irresistible"!

I hope this has helped you with our most basic window treatment - simple panels - and how they can add so much to a room. We will continue diving into more drapery options and also take a look at how embellishments can even be added to them. There is a whole world of exciting window treatments out there and we look forward to sharing more ideas with you. Now go have yourself a most blessed day!

July 12, 2010


Here we are again....back to talk about those fascinating little accessories that can add so much pizazz to any room - pillows! When was the last time you visited a local shop just to take a look at all the "irresistible" embellishments that you can find on pillows these days? You can find beaded trim, braided rope cording, brush fringe, bullion fringe, buttons, welting, feather trim, tassels, ruffles, pearls...just to name a few! It is is whole world of opportunity for you to show off YOUR personality in your room just by what kind of pillows you like. Give it a try, the next time you are out shopping, go browse the pillow aisles. I bet you won't be able to leave without purchasing a few, since I'm sure you will find them all ... "Simply Irresistible".

Cotton Shag Accent Pillow
Care-free and play shag pillow

Sequined Toucan Decorative Pillow
Add a flair with a colorful Toucan w/ welt

Ballerina Ruffled Round Accent Pillow
Elegant round layered ruffle pillow

Safari Animals Hooked Pillows
Personality in just the fabric alone here

Rose Monogram Needlepoint Pillow
Pom-Pom tassels on traditional needlepoint

Coastal Living Sailboat Pillow
Sailboat theme with rope cording

These are just a few selections I ran across to show you the variation in embellishments and how that can be an added feature on your pillows, instead of just plain ones. We will take a look at a few of the embellishments themselves now...

Loop Brush Fringe...and...Tassel Fringe

Pom-Pom Fringe...and...3" Bullion Fringe w/tassels

Loop Fringe...and...Two-color cording

2" Onion Fringe...and...3" Bullion Fringe

I could go on and on....but just to top it off, I'll share with you a few of MY choice selections which I find truly..."SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE"!

These are some of the styles I love and colors that truly reflect ME. This is only a small sample of the beautiful embellishments we carry. Which ones would YOU choose? They are available in many color selections from Alpha & Omega Interiors. If you would like to add custom pillows to your decor, with these embellishments or others, then just comment to us and we will send you more information.

OK, let's sum it up for the use of pillows...to be such a small accessory they can sure add ALOT of style to any area...

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home magazine
Photo courtesy of Traditional Home magazine
Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Garden magazine

White roman shade, teal rosette
No matter what your style...
Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Garden magazine

...or what colors you prefer...
Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Garden magazine

Venture out and explore the many ways (or contact us for custom) to accentuate any room with unique, colorful accent pillows. Don't be fooled by thinking they all have to be the same color, pattern, shape, or size. Dare to be..."Simply Irresistible"! Be sure to let us know how you gave your room an instant refreshing new look...after our Pillow Talk series. We will have a fresh new topic for you next...now you go have a blessed day!

July 7, 2010


Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July! Summer is flying by ever so quickly...so let's get back to our "Pillow Talk". Last post we talked about colors and styles with a mention of putting different fabrics together. Today we will talk about the many options that are available with decorative pillows. They can be found (or made) in various shapes and sizes. Just to mention a few...we have square, rectangle, round, neck roll, triangle, heart-shaped, etc. Keep in mind that you can always mix-n-match shapes as well as fabrics and colors. Let's look at some PILLOW TALK...

Patterned rectangle pillows used here with a square pillow that is ruffled in a
stripe fabric to match the ottoman. How is that for coordinated!
Photo courtesy of Traditional Home Magazine
Pillows used here pull the bold colors from window treatments across the room.
Photo courtesy of Traditional Home Magazine
Notice the elegance and emphasis a black and white pillow can add.
Photo courtesy of Traditional Home Magazine
Here is a beautiful "toile" fabric with various pillow shapes used together.
Photo courtesy of Traditional Home Magazine
Look...no pillow shams! Just a pillow tuck and shaped pillows.
Photo courtesy of Traditional Home Magazine
room with red and green accents
Look at these delicious bold colors and different shapes of pillows used here...WOW!

Notice also that this color palette was built on a neutral background (sofa, leather chair, walls and carpeting are all neutrals). See...even pillows alone can add that punch of color!
Photo courtesy of Southern Living Magazine
This neutral living room is serene and calm without being boring. Details in sky blue and light green, like a pair of accent pillows, a large landscape painting, and potted ivy, spruce up this cozy fireplace.
An all neutral color palette, but look at how the blue pillows add that WOW factor!
Photo courtesy of Southern Living Magazine
living room with framed nature prints
Last but not least....the simplicity of a round tapestry pillow.
Photo courtesy of Southern Living Magazine

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the variety of colors and shapes that pillows can be found in and how they can be used to accent your room(s). Next we will be looking at that "extra touch of style" for your pillows.....embellishments. It is sure to be "Simply Irresistible"!