July 12, 2010


Here we are again....back to talk about those fascinating little accessories that can add so much pizazz to any room - pillows! When was the last time you visited a local shop just to take a look at all the "irresistible" embellishments that you can find on pillows these days? You can find beaded trim, braided rope cording, brush fringe, bullion fringe, buttons, welting, feather trim, tassels, ruffles, pearls...just to name a few! It is is whole world of opportunity for you to show off YOUR personality in your room just by what kind of pillows you like. Give it a try, the next time you are out shopping, go browse the pillow aisles. I bet you won't be able to leave without purchasing a few, since I'm sure you will find them all ... "Simply Irresistible".

Cotton Shag Accent Pillow
Care-free and play shag pillow

Sequined Toucan Decorative Pillow
Add a flair with a colorful Toucan w/ welt

Ballerina Ruffled Round Accent Pillow
Elegant round layered ruffle pillow

Safari Animals Hooked Pillows
Personality in just the fabric alone here

Rose Monogram Needlepoint Pillow
Pom-Pom tassels on traditional needlepoint

Coastal Living Sailboat Pillow
Sailboat theme with rope cording

These are just a few selections I ran across to show you the variation in embellishments and how that can be an added feature on your pillows, instead of just plain ones. We will take a look at a few of the embellishments themselves now...

Loop Brush Fringe...and...Tassel Fringe

Pom-Pom Fringe...and...3" Bullion Fringe w/tassels

Loop Fringe...and...Two-color cording

2" Onion Fringe...and...3" Bullion Fringe

I could go on and on....but just to top it off, I'll share with you a few of MY choice selections which I find truly..."SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE"!

These are some of the styles I love and colors that truly reflect ME. This is only a small sample of the beautiful embellishments we carry. Which ones would YOU choose? They are available in many color selections from Alpha & Omega Interiors. If you would like to add custom pillows to your decor, with these embellishments or others, then just comment to us and we will send you more information.

OK, let's sum it up for the use of pillows...to be such a small accessory they can sure add ALOT of style to any area...

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home magazine
Photo courtesy of Traditional Home magazine
Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Garden magazine

White roman shade, teal rosette
No matter what your style...
Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Garden magazine

...or what colors you prefer...
Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Garden magazine

Venture out and explore the many ways (or contact us for custom) to accentuate any room with unique, colorful accent pillows. Don't be fooled by thinking they all have to be the same color, pattern, shape, or size. Dare to be..."Simply Irresistible"! Be sure to let us know how you gave your room an instant refreshing new look...after our Pillow Talk series. We will have a fresh new topic for you next...now you go have a blessed day!

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