July 26, 2013

MIA...and a tough project

I cannot believe that July is almost over and I haven't been back on here in weeks!  Where does time go any more?

I have indeed been MIA...as I carved out time for a special, yet tough, project.  I have been helping my dad (who is almost 83) go through all his belongings (furnishings and personal), packing everything up, and have now moved him into Senior Living Apartments where he has some assistance if needed.  I knew it was time and a wonderful place became available for him!  What a blessing!  He was SO excited which made this "tough project" a little more light-hearted for me.  Being an only child, my dad and I have always been really close and I love him with my whole heart....so yes, I admit, moving him here was hard emotionally, yet at the same time exciting, to see HIM so happy.  He will have lots to do every day and lots of people to interact with.

I may share some photos of his new little apartment later...full of his most precious pieces of antiques (his whole house use to be decorated "to a tee" with antiques).  If the pictures turned out presentable then I'd love to share how we maximized the space in this tiny new apartment for him.  He just loves it!  That is what counts!

So, are all of YOU ready for summer to be almost over?  I feel like I haven't even had a summer yet....at all.  I'd better get busy....with a vacation for starters...and some good 'ole time to visit BlogLand and catch up!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Weekend!

July 8, 2013

Does it seem true that...

For some reason...it does!  Especially after a long holiday weekend.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July and enjoyed spending time with those you care about.  It's nice to have an 'excuse' to slow the pace down and just...BE!  That's a hard one for me usually.

Today I'm sharing a couple of little projects we just did for a client to help make a few spots in her home a little "happier"...per her request.  Keep in mind, we always try to design with our client's personality so this fits hers...

She wanted to keep her little doggie front and center (under TV here) since she recently lost her little "Charlie".  She wanted something new for the mantel.  I knew we needed to KISS - 'keep it so simple'...so we used two topiaries in just the right shade of green to tie in with the room and surrounding areas too.  Simple, adds height...just right. 

(Sorry I didn't clean off the top of this ice box before taking a photo with my phone!)
She originally had all of these photos in individual frames sitting on the rustic coffee table in the morning room...but she and her hubby wanted to clear out the clutter so they could enjoy that unique coffee table instead.  Well, I knew how much she LOVES family photos and displaying them all around her home...so this is what I came up with and installed.  They were thrilled!  The "B" is the first letter of their last name...ta da!  Again, not a major design project at all, but well thought out to suit the spot and the client's personality!

Here is the old rustic table now (I believe this came out of an old ship, if memory serves me correctly)...with a new accessory we created for her in an antique wooden bowl we found.  The colors pick up the colors in her rug (as you can see here) and in her draperies (that we also did a couple years ago).

Another fun little project was for this newly acquired table they bought at a fund raiser event...I just loved it and it works perfectly in this spot (between that morning room and the kitchen).  She wanted something to sit on it though...that's where we come in.  

Here is a close-up shot of the framed art above it, which they already had.  Sorry for the blur, but hopefully you can tell it's the Cat in the Hat!  

With all of this being 'hard' surfaces I knew we needed something to soften the area...and she had this Wake Forest University keepsake that she wanted to use somewhere to surprise her hubby with...so, I took it with me.  This was where I was going to use it...the perfect spot.

I selected a certain greenery (once again keeping in mind the other areas around this) that would be light and airy and just the right height we'd need...and of course I HAD to add a few butterflies peeking out!  

Oh, and the hubby was so surprised and he loved it too!

So...keeping it simple today as we try to enter back into the world of design with project deadlines, installations, price quotes, workroom orders, etc.  Hope YOU enjoyed a peek into these little simple design projects today!  Thanks for stopping by!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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July 4, 2013

Land of the Free

Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Popsicles {Desserts for 4th of July}

Firecracker Red White and Blue Cake

4th of July Decorating


Design by Tobi Fairley

Coastal Living

source unknown

How are you spending YOUR holiday?  


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July 1, 2013

Client Room Reveal

I didn't make it back to blog-land last week because it was another incredibly busy week here at Alpha & Omega Interiors.  Lots of deliveries and lots of installations going on....all good, just busy!  

Hopefully, you've been waiting for this 'Room Reveal' that I mentioned the other day...and this is it!  Now keep in mind that this room transformation is NOT complete with accessories yet...that will come next.  We design it, get client's approval of the plan, order everything, send fabrics to our workroom, etc....then once all of that is here, we install it.  It's sometimes after this that we finish off the room and give it that personality fitting of our clients! 

OK, let's take a look at our client's room before...

(Yes, that's a Christmas wreath still laying out on an upstairs bed...months after Christmas -Ha!)

Can you tell this is an un-used upstairs guest bedroom?  With green carpet?  That needs some help?

She told me in the very beginning that I could move the rocker to the bonus room area (another work in progress) and get rid of everything else in the room unless I wanted to work it into the plan.  We talked about her 'vision' for this room and she told me she didn't have one. She had told me a little earlier that she'd love to use this picture (below) in the house somewhere...and since we've pretty much done her entire home now...I decided to use it in this room!  

So THIS became my jumping off point for the room!  She loves horses and use to horse-back ride when she was younger...and still does from time to time now-a-days.  Perfect...let's think western flair, a little rustic, casual, and a little sas!  What will that turn out like...do ya wonder?

After much time spent looking through our fabrics, deliberating on which bedding options we wanted, valance styles, searching our furniture catalogs, etc... all while keeping this horse picture in mind...along with HER tastes (she LOVES flowers)...and this GREEN carpet in here...I finally felt we had something planned that would fit her 'to a tee' so I pulled this design board together for her.  This always helps give the client a "feel" of the room design. As you can see, she has two choices for fabric design and they are the exact same color-way just different patterns (I knew which she'd choose!).  The room has SO much green in it (with the carpet) yet I needed to find fabric that had at least some of the green in it, but not much.  The red is the accent fabric in the room (which is also used in here since there is red in the bathroom connected to this room - got to "flow"!) which also pulls this color out of the brown fabrics a bit more.  (There was actually another board too that had the other wall elevations on it so she could see the layout from each angle.)  

She loved the design plan...everything about it (yea!).  I had changed the pillow design a bit (after taking this photo of the board) and had also sourced out a different stand for the TV with the same rustic look but much less than this one (well, what do ya know, that is on this board pic).  Once we met and I went over all the details of this design with her then we got things rolling.  

Then, fast forward to last Wednesday - install day.  It looked something like this...

Even I was carrying items over to the client's home...why me when we have a delivery truck?  Well, it was so hot out and worrying  concerned me thought the art may melt (yea, right!) and the glue on the shades may be effected....such details - I KNOW I overthink things most times!

OK, I got in the way of the photos...so I will allow it here...as long as it's small...!!!!  

Our delivery guys bringing in the lovely chairs for this room.

Installer looking for just what he needs...valances up...headboard next.

One of our installers getting ready to help hoist the headboard up to be mounted on the bed-frame.  She's just assisting him.

A couple of distressed shelves...perfect!

Here are the final results (again, remember...no accessories yet!)...


This matelasse coverlet will drop the wrinkles!

 A closer view of some little details - nail heads on the headboard...accent trim on the shams...the lovely basket-weave design on the shams (and coverlet).

If you look closely you can see one of those red distressed shelves to the far left of this photo - we staggered them there on that small wall.  Did I mention she loves knick-knacks and frames with family photos...well, these will help hold a few more in here!

A little blurry...all are phone pics...and before vacuuming up after ourselves!  These birdcage pictures will look just right once we get a little height on the table in the middle...again, that's where accessories come into play to finish it off.

These are the custom cushions we had made out of that red fabric...I'm most sure that when we accessorize we will add some pillows of some sort for these!

I LOVE these fabrics together!  Glad she does too!

This is where the TV is going...on the top shelf.  Other shelves will be accessorized too!

 I loved the shape of this rustic mirror we used here...looks a little 'western' maybe!  Just what we needed for those horses!  (Sorry for the commode seat being UP - ugh!  Pet peeve but didn't realize it was up at the time.  Ah, and I just realized the vacuum is sitting there too.  Oops!  Picky Picky Picky - believe me, I KNOW I am!  Ha!)

 This coverlet is actually washable and it will shrink a bit so they custom make it a little longer than the normal size for that purpose - and the fact that she wanted a Super-Queen so underneath linens won't have to be tucked.  So, once it's washed it will be a little shorter.  I have the top folded back so you can see more of the dust ruffle at the bottom...and this way it isn't as "fixed" looking for this room.

 Here's a shot of the nightstands which I selected just for the style in this room.  The legs and the hardware make it seem 'horse-like' (is that a word???)  Bottom drawer is cedar lined and both sides have that awesome feature (that we love to use) called FurnLite.  Touch night lights and outlets installed right into the furniture.  This is GREAT for guests - touch the side of the nightstand during the night for a light to come on under the furniture...and plug in the MP3 and cell phones, etc....right into the nightstand itself.  How neat is that!

So, once again...HERE is the final result of that install day!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed it.  There's still more work to do in here and maybe I'll share that with you once it's done!  And I really NEED to get a 'real' photographer on the job sites...need to work on that one for sure!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

All photos are the sole property of Alpha & Omega Interiors.  If used, please link back to this post.  Thanks!

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