July 8, 2013

Does it seem true that...

For some reason...it does!  Especially after a long holiday weekend.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July and enjoyed spending time with those you care about.  It's nice to have an 'excuse' to slow the pace down and just...BE!  That's a hard one for me usually.

Today I'm sharing a couple of little projects we just did for a client to help make a few spots in her home a little "happier"...per her request.  Keep in mind, we always try to design with our client's personality so this fits hers...

She wanted to keep her little doggie front and center (under TV here) since she recently lost her little "Charlie".  She wanted something new for the mantel.  I knew we needed to KISS - 'keep it so simple'...so we used two topiaries in just the right shade of green to tie in with the room and surrounding areas too.  Simple, adds height...just right. 

(Sorry I didn't clean off the top of this ice box before taking a photo with my phone!)
She originally had all of these photos in individual frames sitting on the rustic coffee table in the morning room...but she and her hubby wanted to clear out the clutter so they could enjoy that unique coffee table instead.  Well, I knew how much she LOVES family photos and displaying them all around her home...so this is what I came up with and installed.  They were thrilled!  The "B" is the first letter of their last name...ta da!  Again, not a major design project at all, but well thought out to suit the spot and the client's personality!

Here is the old rustic table now (I believe this came out of an old ship, if memory serves me correctly)...with a new accessory we created for her in an antique wooden bowl we found.  The colors pick up the colors in her rug (as you can see here) and in her draperies (that we also did a couple years ago).

Another fun little project was for this newly acquired table they bought at a fund raiser event...I just loved it and it works perfectly in this spot (between that morning room and the kitchen).  She wanted something to sit on it though...that's where we come in.  

Here is a close-up shot of the framed art above it, which they already had.  Sorry for the blur, but hopefully you can tell it's the Cat in the Hat!  

With all of this being 'hard' surfaces I knew we needed something to soften the area...and she had this Wake Forest University keepsake that she wanted to use somewhere to surprise her hubby with...so, I took it with me.  This was where I was going to use it...the perfect spot.

I selected a certain greenery (once again keeping in mind the other areas around this) that would be light and airy and just the right height we'd need...and of course I HAD to add a few butterflies peeking out!  

Oh, and the hubby was so surprised and he loved it too!

So...keeping it simple today as we try to enter back into the world of design with project deadlines, installations, price quotes, workroom orders, etc.  Hope YOU enjoyed a peek into these little simple design projects today!  Thanks for stopping by!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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  1. Yes, that first card is true. It must feel really good to know that your client and her husband are so happy. Great job.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, nice to find your blog. We have a lot in common besides blogging and design! :)

  3. It does appear that way, huh! Thanks for stopping by here too. I have alot of blog reading to catch up on after being away so long! I love each and every one of your posts! Have a great day!