February 28, 2011

The World of Window Treatments #9 - Lambrequins

Psalm 118-24 bible verse picture with Blue letters, yellow and pink flowers design free download religious desktop background images and Christian pictures

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful week-end sharing good times with family and friends. Above you will find my "addition" to our blog....a bit of simple encouragement along with our "simply irresistible" designs! Have you ever thought about "INTERIOR DESIGN" applying to our own lives (not just our homes!). Well, it does, and I have pondered this thought now for several weeks before sharing with you. Think about it...."INTERIOR" design. We have a choice to make each and every day in designing our very own "interior". So, no matter what you may be facing in your life (and let's be honest...we ALL face something!) make the decision to "rejoice and be glad" starting today! THIS will be the best "interior" design you could ever choose.....Now, for the other interior design...

Today our window treatment focus and style is on "lambrequins". A lambrequin is basically a cornice board with legs, meaning the sides are made longer to frame more of the window. Below are a few GREAT examples of a lambrequin. Notice that they can be plain and simple or have cording and trim added for that extra oomph! The legs can be made in any length, but typically are about 1/3 - 1/2 of the window height, to the sill, or even to the floor. The fact is that these fabulous creations can be made in any length and any style....that's the beauty of custom!

Courtesy of Elle Decor

Courtesy of Rowley Co.

Courtesy of Elle Decor

What about this great idea....a lambrequin above the closet! And I love the way it's done here with the soft fabric panel (with lots of that "bling" too!) trailing to one side. This helps to soften that whole area so nicely. It almost makes you think it was the entrance to a dressing room and not just a closet. Love it...and the colors too (yes, of course, it is, after all, PINK-my fav color!).

Courtesy of Candice Olsen

Lambrequins were actually popular back in the early to mid 19th century, where they were made with paper, wood, or stiffened buckram. This red lambrequin (below), c. 1850, is featured in the book Upholstery in America & Europe for the Seventeenth Century to World War I (1987 The Barra Foundation). Look at the intricate design and all of the details (along with the "bling") ...even way back then!

Well, that about sums it up for today! Now you know the difference in cornices and lambrequins.....so, which do YOU prefer? As you go about your week...remember to 1) HANG OUT with us often...who knows just WHAT we will take a look at next time in the world of interior design and 2) "This is the day the Lord has made"... so REJOICE AND BE GLAD in it (Psalm 118:24)....no matter what comes your way! Have a Blessed and "Simply Irresistible" day!

February 25, 2011

Simply Irresistible...Friday Finds!

Hello, friends! It's that time again...FRIDAY. It's time to see what we have found of interest for our "Simply Irresistible" Friday Finds. I think this is always a fun way to end our week! The first incredible "find" I am sharing with you (with her permission, of course) while we are still in our "love" month of the year.....is something that has nothing really to do with "interior" design, but it has many lovely elements of design and is definitely "Simply Irresistible". Here it is...

Photo courtesy of ncscrapaddict

Isn't this card gorgeous? Notice the coordination of the different colors and patterns of paper used. Look at the details of the pink hearts, rosette, intricate slide (used on ribbon), scalloped border,etc. I think she did an amazing job on this! Her other designs are just as creative and beautiful as this one....they all remind me of interior design in how everything is done in such detail and so very coordinated. I am a big fan of her scrapbooking work........and of HER. She is a treasured friend and neighbor of mine. I mentioned to her weeks ago that I'd love to showcase some of her work on my "Friday Finds". Be sure to check out Tammy's other designs at ncscrapaddict.blogspot.com. Who knows, you may even find a new hobby for yourself!

Now, take a look at a few more "Friday Finds"...

Martha Stewart Weddings

Look at this breathtaking colorful butterfly bouquet. How's this for "Simply Irresistible"? This was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and is made from silk and feathered butterflies on wire. They are made to move, float and flutter just like the real thing. I think this is quite unique so it HAD to be a Friday Find.

Photo courtesy of anthropologies.com

How about these Natural Finds Dessert Plates? What DO you think about these? I really like them, but there are only two possible choices that "I" would eat dessert on....can you guess which ones this would be? These lovely plates are available at Anthroplogies in case you'd like to add them to your decor!

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

Check out this beautiful tablescape in coral and green, with the added touch of a few "themed" pieces that are sure to be interesting conversation pieces at that dinner! I love it ...especially the turtle napkin ring.

Photo courtesy of Blue Creek Home

How about a couple of cute poodle plaques for your room? OK, it is confession time. For those of you that don't know this about ME yet.....I LOVE poodles....so I think this is truly a Simply Irresistible....Friday Find! I am the proud owner of a poodle that is so playful (loves to play ball) and funny. We named her "Sunshine" because she certainly adds a lot of sunshine to our lives. She is actually the third poodle I have had. They make wonderful pets! But, these poodle plaques would make wonderful accessories in any room, where you need to add just that little special touch. These are available at Blue Creek Home.

Photo from unknown wallpaper source

Need to add some artwork on your walls? Don't know what to put? What a great way to add to your decor with framed toile wallpaper. I love this idea! This could even be one of those DIY projects if you are feeling a little creative. Be sure to let me know if you try this out!

And on this FABULOUS Friday, I will leave you with this...

Author unknown

I certainly hope you enjoyed the "finds" today! Have a BLESSED day and a "Simply Irresistible" week-end. Ta Ta!

February 23, 2011

The World of Window Treatments #9 -Cornices

Welcome back to our series on window treatments. Today we will take a look at yet another valance known as the "cornice board". As most of you probably know, these valances are made from wood (or composite material) and project out from the wall (of course, so do most of the other valances). They are covered with a batting material and then the fabric is stapled onto the board. These can be made in most any shape or style.

Photo courtesy of Decor Pad

This one is a very simple style and has a scalloped pattern at the bottom. Remember, the larger the window, the more scallops you will have repeated along the bottom.

Photo courtesy of Cottage Living

Here is yet another simple style, with a contrast cording (in black) along the top and bottom. This is a great photo to show how using a contrast fabric accent helps to "pop" the entire window treatment. It is an additional expense, but WELL worth the extra. Let's just say this will always give you "more bang for your buck"!

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

This cornice has three soft folds in the fabric and a straight edge at the bottom. They have added narrow, vertical bands (with buttons) a few inches in from the edges. This is just another element of design that can be added (or left off to keep it even more simple if you prefer).

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Another shaped pattern for the bottom of the cornice is shown here. The other cornices were made of solid fabrics, whereas this one is in a mini-print.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

OK, here it is....the one "I" find "Simply Irresistible". This window treatment (cornice and draperies), not to mention the fabric, just FITS this room. I love the overall uniqueness of the cornice shape. The bold shape along with this bright, bold fabric really makes the fashion statement in this room! (and it's NOT pink....can you believe that? - A question to those of you that know me by now!)

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

I love the soft curves in this cornice as well....really very simple, yet very elegant. Take a quick look at the treatment over the bed...the shape here even mimics the center shape of the window cornices (a soft curve downward)....I just love the DETAILS of design, you know!

Photo courtesy of Cottage Living

WOW...talk about "color"! But, this window treatment, using both bold color (with accents) and lovely large patterned fabric just "softens" this entire area. Not only that, but it brings the colors up to ceiling height. If you will notice, at least one of the chairs is covered in the same fabric that is used on the window. The other may be also (and backed in another fabric) or it could be another fabric altogether on that chair....either way.....the design in this room is great! And before we finish, look at how the ottoman (bottom left corner), coffee table, and wall color closely match in a bright yellow. (Remember the good design "rule of thumb" I mentioned in another session?....repeat the accent color at least three times.) OK, here I go....again with the "details"...they even have the pillows in this color as well as the small floral on the ottoman. This room had much more to talk about than just the cornice boards, don't you think?

Well,...that is all for "The World of Window Treatments" today. Be sure to check back with us for our next topic (but I'm not going to share what that is....yet!). Be sure to make the rest of your day "Simply Irresistible" in every way! Thanks for stopping by!

February 21, 2011

President's Day White House Decor

Happy President's Day and Happy Monday! I have prepared today's topic in celebration of this holiday. We will be taking a look at some of the "decor" inside the White House. Keep in mind that each president can change the decor in the Oval Office. This can be done by changing the color palette, draperies, upholstery, artwork, and of course...adding their own personal mementos that have special meaning.

(The following photos are from whitehousemuseum.org and are public domain images that are posted under fair use guidelines of U.S. copyright law. They are being shared on this blog sight for the sole purpose of looking at the interior design aspects of the White House.)

Let's start our tour....

The Oval Office is the president's own personal office. It is here that he handles most of the daily issues. He also usually addresses the American people from this room via television and radio. Each president has decorated the Oval Office to reflect his personal taste. However, a few things remain unchanged, such as the presidential seal in the ceiling, the white marble mantel (dating back from 1909), and the two flags behind the president's desk (one is the U.S. flag and the other is the president's flag). The first photo of the Oval Office represents the taste and choices of our current president, Obama.

And here, we have the Bush's choice of decor from their years of occupancy in the White House. From what I can tell, wallpaper was added above, window treatment style and fabric was changed, and the artwork is different. I do believe also that some upholstery was changed that these pictures do not reflect. It is obvious that the Obama's tastes differ in that they like much more bold colors than the Bush family did. Both, however, are beautiful!

Just another angle of this same room. Notice the inset book cases and the pattern in the hardwood flooring.....stunning!

Below is the beautiful Green Room; called the Green Drawing Room by John Quincy Adams. This room was updated by Mrs. Bush with furniture by Duncan Phyfe. A 1767 portrait of Benjamin Franklin is hung above the mantel. Fabrics used in this room are by Brunschwig & Fils and Scalamandre, both of which have exquisite patterns and textures from which to choose. And...you have GOT to take note of the details in this beautiful layered window treatment. How is THAT for "Simply Irresistible"?

The Cabinet Room, used for both routine meetings and serious deliberations, features a mahogany table and leather chairs. The table was a gift from Richard Nixon in 1970. The president occupies the taller chair that is located in the center of the east side of the table. This room is over 23 feet wide and 39 feet long, with 18 foot ceilings. Found on each side of the mantel are busts of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

The Roosevelt Room is the room where daily meetings by the staff are held. It is located right across from the Oval Office. There are no windows in this room, but a skylight has been added (not shown here).

Here in RED, we have the Family Theater . For it's most recent make-over, Mrs. Bush got her inspiration from the early twentieth century movie palaces. This room was carved out of a cloakroom, with the vision of Franklin Roosevelt, in 1942.

The "gold room", as it is sometimes called, is the Vermeil Room. It was last refurbished in 1991 and is used for a ladies' sitting room and also for formal occasions. This room has pale yellow paneled walls and fabrics in gold which compliment the "vermeil", or gold-plated silver, that is found here. The lovely wrapped swags with trim complete this room's elegance.

Here we have a room that was once known as a room of "tubs, buckets, and a variety of lumber". How did it possibly go from THAT to...THIS? It was actually a cluttered room in the basement at one time (1801) that served mainly as a laundry room. It wasn't until 1935, when Theodore Roosevelt renovated it, that it became a LIBRARY for the White House. It is furnished from the early 1800 period (known as the Federal period) and features Duncan Phyfe (a New York cabinet maker) furniture. The style is a little less formal than some of the other areas since this room is used for teas and meetings. Other than these "Simply Irresistible" window treatments, notice how the room is pulled together by also using red in the inside of the book cases, in the upholstery fabrics, and even in the floral arrangement on the round table. The color flows evenly throughout this room from being repeated several times.

Surprise! Yep, same room....different color scheme and window treatment style. This one is from 2005 decor. I included this one just to show you again how COLOR effects the style, mood, effect and overall feeling of a room. Here, the Bush's choice was for a soothing,light and airy feeling vs. the dramatic that the Obama's prefer. Actually they did use the same rug for both. Which do YOU prefer? Isn't it funny how our own choices even change over time. This is when we decide we are ready for a...new look!

How about this bedroom for luxury? This is the Queens Bedroom. Before this room became a part of the family living quarters it was an office for the president's staff. The current design is meant to reflect early 19th century New England style. I could easily be a guest in a room like this.....yes, of course I could....it's PINK, I know! I love the window treatments and bedding ensemble, secretary, chandelier, settee, accessories......so you see.....it's "not" just the PINK that I find irresistible!

This one is known as the Lincoln Bedroom...which was formerly Lincoln's office and cabinet room. It was Harry Truman that suggested turning this room into a bedroom using furnishings associated with the family. In 2004, First Lady and her team took a look into documentary research from that period and restored some of the design details from that time, such as the cornices (over the drapery panels) and even a mantel made to resemble the one that was there during Lincoln's time. Notice the elaborate details of these window cornices, swags (with tassels), and fabrics used above the bed....now this is design at it's finest!

The Palm Room, also referred to as the West Garden Room, offers access to the West Wing and the Rose Garden. I am just intrigued by the "name" of this room.....if you know me then you know why. I LOVE palm trees and the coast!!! I think I would like to have a "Palm Room" in my home...hum, maybe I'll rename and re-purpose my sunroom!

It was George Washington himself whose vision actually shaped the White House. He insisted that it be "for the ages". President Truman, who described himself as "an architectural nut", replaced the awnings on the South Portico with a balcony.

The lovely State Dining Room as it was in 2010. Take a look at these gorgeous window valances (especially since we've been studying the details of them). The next picture shows more detail.

One can't help to notice the exquisite architectural details here either! Magnificent!

A "moose head" in the State Dining Room? Yes, it is....in this hand-tinted photo (below) of Theodore Roosevelt's State Dining Room as it was in 1904. Look at the details of the ceiling! A moose head and a crystal chandelier....what do you think about that? Oh, how the design has changed over the years.

Well, I do hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into some of the interior design inside the White House today. I found this to be a fun topic to research, so thanks so much for stopping by to read. Remember, if this intrigued YOU to make a change in your home, please let us know and we'll share how our design services can help you...depending on your need. Now, go have yourself a BLESSED and SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE day!

February 16, 2011

The World of Window Treatments #8

As we return to our series on the wonderful world of window treatments, let's take a look at our first design. How's that for jumping right in?

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

This is a lovely, soft valance with added embellishments of beaded trim. When I use this style I almost always add a luxurious trim of some kind....and I love to use beaded trim like this!

Photo courtesy of Thibaut

Here is another soft, flat valance style with a shaped bottom. The added "bling" here adds the statement for sure....using ball trim.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

This one is similar in style, where the middle is flat with a shape, but then the side pieces are pleated all the way to the corners. A great look on this larger window! Notice also that the ball trim was added for the flair.

Photo courtesy of Decor Pad

Here is a flat valance with the embellishment and design done with inside banding in a contrasting color....awesome look and such simplicity, but look what a design statement it makes in the room. I call this...."Simply Irresistible" for sure!

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Another great look here...flat valance with a scalloped edge and it also looks like the light blue color is added at the bottom of this valance as piping (cording).

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

Take a look at these simple wrapped swags. Notice how they are designed with the left panel hanging "behind" the rod and the right panel is over the rod and hanging in "front". Can't forget, once again, to mention the trim...it is like adding accessories to your clothing! It adds the finishing touch!

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Here, we are back to our classic swags, except this time they are much more elaborate. Here we have drapery panels hanging (with ball trim on these!), then have added the classic swags going across. Where the swags meet the drapery panels, the cascades (sides of swag treatments) are mounted "on top" of the swags and hang in the same place as the long panels. The trim is added on all of the swags....for a GREAT look in this room.....stunning, I think! I also like the fact that the valance has soft curves across the bottom, since the windows have so many squares and rectangles. The curves help to soften the whole area. Don't you think?

Photo courtesy of Southern Accents

I wanted to throw this one in to show you the variety of ways that the "swag" valance can be designed and made. It looks as if a rosette and tail have been added in the middle at the top. What a simple way to change the entire look!

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

And here we have a more formal "Windsor" valance that is loaded with that "bling"....or should I say... bullion fringe trim. What an elegant room with this treatment used both on the windows and on the bed. (And take a peek at the artwork hung over the headboard on top of the drapery panel that is also used there....WOW! Layering....another subject for another time!)

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about valances. Next, we will introduce the cornice board. So, stayed tuned to...."Simply Irresistible"....Designs. Have a most blessed day!

February 15, 2011

Color of the Year for 2011

I hope each of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with many blessings. Since we took a side route from our World of Window Treatment series for Valentine's colors...I thought we'd go ahead and share a little about the chosen color for 2011.

Pantone LLC is the global authority on color. They are a provider of professional color standards for the design industries. They have named PANTONE® 18-2120 Honeysuckle as the color of the year for 2011. They have described it to be a "vibrant and energetic hue".

The intensity of this reddish-pink color is very alluring and is very much what they described...energetic. Don't you agree? This is also the color we saw in several of our Valentine room design photos.

Honeysuckle Flower

I bet you thought it was just the sweet fragrance of the honeysuckle flower blossom that attracted hummingbirds to the nectar....right? Well, it isn't. In researching this, I found that it is actually the COLOR that attracts them. Most people do, however, associate the refreshing scent of the honeysuckle flower to enjoying the "carefree days" of Spring and Summer...which we are all now looking forward to! The color represents the same!

Here we find another lovely example of this color in roses. Did any of you get these as a gift for Valentine's from your special someone? If you did, you got the Color of the Year!

This shows us the 2011 Color of the Year in our fashion industry. Pantone not only indicates the trends in color for home decor, but also sets the stage for what's to come in our apparel and accessories. Honeysuckle is a great color for fashion....at least "I" am a happy shopper this year in that I can find colors that appeal to me (of course...PINK does!).

Photo courtesy of House and Home

Here is a room using this color on the walls and again on the shades. I find it to be that "refreshing" color of Spring and Summer here, don't you?

Photo courtesy of House and Home

Here our color is used as only an accent....throw pillows, lamp shade, and even a tall floral stem (to right of lamp...see it?) Notice how well this Honeysuckle color goes with a variety of other colors. It is used with these taupes, brown, and bright yellow. With only "pops" of this color in your room, you could add this color for the seasons of Spring and Summer easily and then change it in the Fall. Great, easy idea....of course, this is for those of you that are attracted to this " Color of the Year".

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

The color is used a little more permanently in this room since it is used on some of the upholstery pieces. Then, a little more of this color is added to the sofa and chairs with the use of pillows.

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

And here we have used it on the floors (a nice bold statement in the room!), pillows, and also a floral arrangement. (Wouldn't the "moose" on the wall be MUCH more fashionable if he were in this color too?.....Ha! Just kidding, you can tell he is my least favorite part of this room!)

Photo courtesy of Country Living

And this one will finish up our look at the chosen Color of the Year for 2011 - Honeysuckle. Whether you use it throughout your room or just accent ("pop") with this color, such as with these candlesticks above (well, OK here we have it in the fabric panels used in the doors on this furniture piece too)...give it a try for Spring. See what colors you CAN use it with and how it will make that much desired simple CHANGE in your decor! A good rule of thumb though... try to repeat the color in the room at least THREE times (to balance it). This way it doesn't look like just an "after-thought" or a "mistake" in the room. Will YOU give it a try? If you do, please post a comment to let us know how it turned out! You can turn that "DRAB" into "FAB" (fabulous) by using this energetic Color of the Year....which I think is truly "Simply Irresistible"!

I hope you have yourself a Simply Irresistible and Blessed day!