February 16, 2011

The World of Window Treatments #8

As we return to our series on the wonderful world of window treatments, let's take a look at our first design. How's that for jumping right in?

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

This is a lovely, soft valance with added embellishments of beaded trim. When I use this style I almost always add a luxurious trim of some kind....and I love to use beaded trim like this!

Photo courtesy of Thibaut

Here is another soft, flat valance style with a shaped bottom. The added "bling" here adds the statement for sure....using ball trim.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

This one is similar in style, where the middle is flat with a shape, but then the side pieces are pleated all the way to the corners. A great look on this larger window! Notice also that the ball trim was added for the flair.

Photo courtesy of Decor Pad

Here is a flat valance with the embellishment and design done with inside banding in a contrasting color....awesome look and such simplicity, but look what a design statement it makes in the room. I call this...."Simply Irresistible" for sure!

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Another great look here...flat valance with a scalloped edge and it also looks like the light blue color is added at the bottom of this valance as piping (cording).

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

Take a look at these simple wrapped swags. Notice how they are designed with the left panel hanging "behind" the rod and the right panel is over the rod and hanging in "front". Can't forget, once again, to mention the trim...it is like adding accessories to your clothing! It adds the finishing touch!

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Here, we are back to our classic swags, except this time they are much more elaborate. Here we have drapery panels hanging (with ball trim on these!), then have added the classic swags going across. Where the swags meet the drapery panels, the cascades (sides of swag treatments) are mounted "on top" of the swags and hang in the same place as the long panels. The trim is added on all of the swags....for a GREAT look in this room.....stunning, I think! I also like the fact that the valance has soft curves across the bottom, since the windows have so many squares and rectangles. The curves help to soften the whole area. Don't you think?

Photo courtesy of Southern Accents

I wanted to throw this one in to show you the variety of ways that the "swag" valance can be designed and made. It looks as if a rosette and tail have been added in the middle at the top. What a simple way to change the entire look!

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

And here we have a more formal "Windsor" valance that is loaded with that "bling"....or should I say... bullion fringe trim. What an elegant room with this treatment used both on the windows and on the bed. (And take a peek at the artwork hung over the headboard on top of the drapery panel that is also used there....WOW! Layering....another subject for another time!)

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about valances. Next, we will introduce the cornice board. So, stayed tuned to...."Simply Irresistible"....Designs. Have a most blessed day!

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