February 9, 2011

Color My World....Red and Pink

Surprise! We are changing course this week since Valentine's Day is almost upon us. In thinking about this special upcoming "Day of Love" I thought it might be fun to take a look at some decorating done in ......yes, RED AND PINK. I know these colors aren't for everyone (I love both!), however take a look and let me know what you think!

First, here's a little "Red and Pink 101"

RED represents the color of love, passion & beauty. It is also the most emotionally intense of all of the colors. Red is said to stimulate a faster heartbeat and breathing. Light red represents joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, and love. Dark red is associated with vigor, willpower, leadership, and courage.

PINK represents romance, love, and friendship. Pink, a pale shade of red, is said to be the most romantic of all of the colors, bearing gentleness and tranquility.

A lovely mix shown here in the photo from
Southern Living

A modern flair from Apartment Therapy

Another great look courtesy of Apt. Therapy. Notice
the pop of pink mixed in with pillows and the lamps.

Simplistic red and white!
Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

What a lovely bathroom and LOVE
that mirror.
Photo courtesy of Country Living

What a stunning pink bedroom and look at the red
accented in the floor lamp!
Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

I LOVE the simplicity of the white with accents in
pink...and look at the pink furniture...Love it!
Photo courtesy of Country Living

What about this with a touch of blue...how lovely.
Photo courtesy of Southern Accents

Pink and white with a little touch of green!
Photo courtesy of Southern Living

An Elle Decor beauty....and look at those
window treatments...WOW!

Love this pink and brown!
Photo courtesy of Southern Living

How was THAT for our Valentine "Color My World" design ideas? I hope you found it all to be just as "Simply Irresistible" as I did! Did you decide if any of these colors are for you...or perhaps your Valentine? With a room make-over, it can be! Until next time.......be sure to have a "Simply Irresistible" day!

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