February 23, 2011

The World of Window Treatments #9 -Cornices

Welcome back to our series on window treatments. Today we will take a look at yet another valance known as the "cornice board". As most of you probably know, these valances are made from wood (or composite material) and project out from the wall (of course, so do most of the other valances). They are covered with a batting material and then the fabric is stapled onto the board. These can be made in most any shape or style.

Photo courtesy of Decor Pad

This one is a very simple style and has a scalloped pattern at the bottom. Remember, the larger the window, the more scallops you will have repeated along the bottom.

Photo courtesy of Cottage Living

Here is yet another simple style, with a contrast cording (in black) along the top and bottom. This is a great photo to show how using a contrast fabric accent helps to "pop" the entire window treatment. It is an additional expense, but WELL worth the extra. Let's just say this will always give you "more bang for your buck"!

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

This cornice has three soft folds in the fabric and a straight edge at the bottom. They have added narrow, vertical bands (with buttons) a few inches in from the edges. This is just another element of design that can be added (or left off to keep it even more simple if you prefer).

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Another shaped pattern for the bottom of the cornice is shown here. The other cornices were made of solid fabrics, whereas this one is in a mini-print.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

OK, here it is....the one "I" find "Simply Irresistible". This window treatment (cornice and draperies), not to mention the fabric, just FITS this room. I love the overall uniqueness of the cornice shape. The bold shape along with this bright, bold fabric really makes the fashion statement in this room! (and it's NOT pink....can you believe that? - A question to those of you that know me by now!)

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

I love the soft curves in this cornice as well....really very simple, yet very elegant. Take a quick look at the treatment over the bed...the shape here even mimics the center shape of the window cornices (a soft curve downward)....I just love the DETAILS of design, you know!

Photo courtesy of Cottage Living

WOW...talk about "color"! But, this window treatment, using both bold color (with accents) and lovely large patterned fabric just "softens" this entire area. Not only that, but it brings the colors up to ceiling height. If you will notice, at least one of the chairs is covered in the same fabric that is used on the window. The other may be also (and backed in another fabric) or it could be another fabric altogether on that chair....either way.....the design in this room is great! And before we finish, look at how the ottoman (bottom left corner), coffee table, and wall color closely match in a bright yellow. (Remember the good design "rule of thumb" I mentioned in another session?....repeat the accent color at least three times.) OK, here I go....again with the "details"...they even have the pillows in this color as well as the small floral on the ottoman. This room had much more to talk about than just the cornice boards, don't you think?

Well,...that is all for "The World of Window Treatments" today. Be sure to check back with us for our next topic (but I'm not going to share what that is....yet!). Be sure to make the rest of your day "Simply Irresistible" in every way! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love cornice boards! Someday . . .

    I always love your inspiration.

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed the topic! Cornices are always a lovely choice to add at your windows. Yes, some day you may decide to take a leap and add them in your room(s). You know where to find me when that time comes! Thank you for your sweet comment about my inspirations! Enjoy your day.