February 7, 2011

The World of Window Treatments #7

Happy Monday! I hope you had a splendid weekend and found a great way to celebrate "Super Bowl Sunday". We stayed at home, but had a wonderful time spending it with our special friends (who happen to also be our next door neighbors) eating HOT chili (was a surprise as my hubby fixed it and it wasn't supposed to be THAT hot!), sharing some really good laughs (of course, I can't post all that we were laughing about...right, Tammy?), and the two of us SCRAPBOOKED (a delightful hobby) while the guys watched the game. There is nothing like quality time spent with treasured friends! So, THAT is how we chose to spend our Super Bowl Sunday.

And now, back to our fabulous "world of window treatments"....are you ready for some more colorful inspirations? We said we were going to "spice up" the valance styles a bit. Let's see what we can come up with for this one!!!

Photo courtesy of House and Home

Here is one that is again so simple, but has some added trim (which matches the paint) across the front. The colors are simple and delightful. Now, moving on...

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

I told you...a little more "spice"....what do you think of this one? It is a flat valance that is gathered at the ends (as we previously discussed), BUT it has an arched top and a shaped bottom. There looks to be contrast cording at the top to match the contrast ruffle banding that is sewn on the bottom....and I do believe it is a tassel hanging (could be a pelmet though) in the middle at the bottom. Now this is truly "Simply Irresistible" to me!

Photo courtesy of Veranda

Truly a work of art here....don't ya think? A triple layered effect at this window. A blend of all the styles we've talked about too.

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

I know it's a little hard to see the details in this valance, but it is striking! The details that are added make it that way. This is a great example of how such a simple style can be "spiced up" to make a "Simply Irresistible" design!

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

Oh, how simple....yet how elegant with the shape and contrast cording all around it. Notice here that this one is actually mounted on the INSIDE of the window frame. The curves in the shape at the bottom offset (or my term "soften") the hard, straight lines of all the crown moulding at the ceiling. This is a great look!

Photo courtesy of Southern Accents

This is in the "swag" family of valance styles. Notice how the style alone is "spiced up" even without all the other fancy embellishments that one could add to it.

And, for the last style of the day....I'll leave you with a window treatment done by us...Alpha & Omega Interiors. This client knew the "look and feel" she wanted in her room and left it up to us to select the fabrics that best coordinated with what she had in the room (and adjoining rooms). I only wish you could see and touch the fabrics as they are gorgeous....the wrapped swags have an iridescent sheen to them! It depends on the lighting and where you are standing as to what color reflects the most. The panel fabric (which we also used as swags) is truly "simply irresistible" in that it has a silken sheen to it with a lovely vine and small floral print. She loved the fabrics and the final result of this treatment...and THAT is what our business is all about....MAKING HAPPY CUSTOMERS! We want to reflect what YOU want in your rooms. Here it is! (Sorry that they are a little dark....need to re-photograph and post)

By Alpha & Omega Interiors
(This is the larger window)

By Alpha & Omega Interiors
(Windows by fireplace)

Hope you enjoyed another series in "The World of Window Treatments". Thanks for stopping by to visit and share with us. Now, go have a... "Simply Irresistible"... Day!

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