June 24, 2010

Pillow Talk #2

Today we will continue with our Pillow Talk ideas that can be used for that "instant make-over" to transform a basic neutral palette. Decorative pillows can add a flair of energy to your room when using colors such as hot pink, deep turquoise, or even a vibrant orange. If you want a ray of sunshine on any given day....try yellow! You can create a sensational modern look when you accent these furnishings with a high energy color.

If you want to create a whimsical feel to the area then try a mix of stripes in various colors (left). For a more elegant look, try using a mix of patterns (like floral and wide stripes) in soft colors such as green, cream, and pink (below). If you like this idea of using patterns, but prefer a more casual or modern look, then don't be afraid to try some funky geometrical prints. As you can probably tell by now, you can create basically ANY look that you want. Keep in mind when selecting your pillows that you can also mix a few solid colors with the prints.

And this, my friends, is as simple as it sounds! Another good way to start spicing up your room is to add an additional "pop" of color along the way with a picture containing all of the colors used in your pillows. You may even want to start with the picture and then select the pillows around this piece of artwork...whichever is easier for you. Next, we will continue with more tips and ideas in our Pillow Talk series. Before you know it, adding pillows to your decor will be an easy idea that is ... "Simply Irresistible"!

Images courtesy of Coastal Living Magazine and E. Accents (available through our designers).

June 22, 2010

Pillow Talk #1

Today we are taking a look at a quick and creative way to add "life" to any room. Decorative pillows can give an immediate splash of color and a new feel to many areas in your home. A room with a neutral palette can be the blank canvas for the

use of hot-colored accessories...starting with pillows! Neutral can sometimes feel more formal, so these accent pillows help give it a more casual look. I like to think of decorative pillows as an easy way to incorporate your own personal style and dive into a new world of color. With neutral furniture, these pillows can be layered to add not only a punch of color, but pattern or even a certain theme. This is a versatile design addition that allows you to change with the seasons or update at any time. Now, this is a design tip that can impact your room in an instant! Try a color-punch for yourself...It's "Simply Irresistible"!

Images are courtesy of Coastal Living Magazine.

June 21, 2010

Welcome to my Blog! It has "finally" evolved. After months and months of debating if I really wanted to become a member of this type of social media, and after much encouragement along the way, I stepped out and did it. So remember, I am very new to this "blogging life", but I will do my BEST. Just to catch you up to speed...after pondering for days what to name this blog, I still just did not have a clue. I knew that I wanted it to represent many creative designs, unique ideas, and insightful topics from the world of interior design and beyond, in such a way that you would not be able to resist "tuning in" to it . One Saturday, while enjoying my time outside, I realized that I had been "singing" the same song in my head (mostly the chorus along with a few lyrics that I guess just stuck with me!) over and over again. I stopped, only to find myself a little later singing it again....over and over. I simply could NOT stop. I found this quite crazy, but I have to admit, I did LOVE this song in my early years! It was an oldie named "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Palmer (see YouTube song video). Hours later, it came to me that what I had been singing in my head all day..."simply irresistible"...was it! That was exactly what I could name my new Blog. So, my dear readers, THAT is how the name for my new endeavor was birthed... "Simply Irresistible"...Designs!