November 30, 2011

Tis the Season

Now that Thanksgiving has already come and gone...what are your next decorating thoughts?

A bright green, white and brown themed holiday living room



Portrait mantel

Any of these?  What are your decorating plans for Christmas?  It will be here before we know it.

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  HGTV, Gracious Southern Living, BHG


November 28, 2011

Room Rescue

Today, I think I will share one of our current design projects that we  have just completed...wanna see?  It's the dining room of one of our clients we have been working with a room at the time.

It all started like this...on an inspiration board for our clients...

The inspiration board did just "inspired" our homeowners and they decided it was time to give this room the green light to move forward with the makeover.  So, we placed the orders for all the "beauties" that would soon go in this they opted for our "turn key" service.  

A lovely warm cocoa oval dining table, with a star-burst top, takes center stage in the room.  It has two 20" leaves available so they will have room enough for their guests (however, the room is fairly small so actually only one can be used). It was just the perfect style for their tastes! I love the clean lines with that little taper flair on the bottom of the legs.

Next, the buffet...decided to use the matching buffet in this room design since (1) the room is small and (2) since they have an antique china cabinet that they also wanted to keep in this room (shown on inspiration board).  We simply moved it to another wall and placed this lovely buffet on the largest wall.  This way we won't have too many different furniture finishes going on in this small space.

Now, this buffet would not look complete unless it was surrounded with some color...right?  And, we needed the right colors since the walls are painted with Sherwin Williams "Brevado Red" shown here...

SW6320 Bravado Red

Are you ready for some accessory reveal?  OK, here is the hand-painted oil painting we selected for this project to go over the buffet and on that Bravado Red wall...not only did we carefully select it for the colors (which you've just GOT to see with the rug...a bit later!), but also for the framing which was perfect for the decor and also for the size...these are all important factors when selecting just the right accessories for your room...Here it is (oh, did I mention...she just absolutely LOVES flowers!)

Isn't it lovely?

A pair of these beautiful, also hand-painted, porcelain lamps in green, gold and red now frame out this artwork on either end of the buffet.  The colors pull from the colors in the picture and bring in another pattern - a striped swirl.  

This really doesn't show the beauty of the colors well, but it's the best I could do for now...until we show you the real room reveal with everything in place from this make-over!

Are you now ready to see what kind of chairs we selected to go around this table?  Ah, they are beautiful....and no, they don't match the set...nope...we needed an element of softness and wanted to showcase more green in this is the style. You can see the REAL thing soon.  These were custom-made in a luscious velvety green fabric that we also selected...different (and darker!) from this green shown here from catalog.

And I saved the thing that grounds the entire room for last...the rug!  I spotted this newly released rug at the High Point Furniture Market in April actually, knowing that we'd be doing this client's dining room when we finished another one of her projects...and I just knew it was THE one for her!  It has just recently been made available for shipment and finally came in (remember me being so excited when it came that I posted about it!!).  After a long wait for it...Here it is...

The colors are so lush and vibrant and it is absolutely perfect for her room.  We have been so excited as this entire project has unfolded...and so have our clients!  Once all of these were in, we topped it all off with those much needed know, the "jewelry" that helps make that final WOW factor in a room! Since it was so near Thanksgiving we did Fall accessories (and are now getting ready to change seasons for her with new Christmas accessories!).

Well, being as this is the first room I have shared and unfolded this way on here...I hope you have enjoyed it.  I promise to reveal the entire room with pictures real soon.  I may even share "before" pics too. Thanks for sharing any opinions that you'd like to...and...let us know if you'd like to see more room reveals this way.

Remember, if you'd like to make YOUR room a little more..."Simply Irresistible"...then let us know!

Have yourself a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  Alpha & Omega Interiors, Vendors of Alpha & Omega Interiors Design Team

November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings

Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

(See ya back here next week)

November 21, 2011

Dining Room Frenzy

Well, this is definitely the week that dining rooms have our full attention...with it being Thanksgiving. In honor of this holiday and all the wonderful family and friend gatherings that will take place on Thursday...let's turn all eyes on dining rooms today! The place where we will gather to eat and share all of the many good things we have to be thankful for. They are many!

How about this beauty...know what I love?  The gorgeous chandelier and the blue glasses with all the green.

I can't pick just "one" thing in starts with the color on the ceiling, down to the wallpaper and draperies, then on to the lovely table arrangements, and downward to the details of the trim on the chairs, and of course, the rug too!  There, you have it, I love every detail I do believe. 

Another bold, yet elegant look here. What about these layered you like?

I adore the colors in this dining room...ooh-la-la!  Oh, and the chairs, the artwork and those long gorgeous draperies too.

I really like the clean, crisp feel of this room and the fully upholstered dining you?

My most fave here is the spacing of the artwork over and beside the buffet.  This expands the entire wall by doing this and doesn't just do the "norm" by centering something right over the furniture.  Love it!

I really like the mix of chairs,  the centerpiece (so lovely!) and the lanterns for lighting...but you know me...I'd HAVE to have some window treatments!!  A "must" for me here!

So what is YOUR take on all of these dining rooms?  Any favorites? Which of these ideas do you wish you had in your dining room for your Thanksgiving feast this year?

If you are in need of a dining room "re-do"...we can help. We offer both local design services and long-distance design.  If you'd like help designing your dream room just leave us a comment and we'll get back with you on the details.  

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  Tradtional Home

November 17, 2011

Easy Thanksgiving Table Ideas

I bet many of you are busily getting ready for a wonderful family Thanksgiving feast.  Usually, in times like this, we tend to get overwhelmed with all of the details involved in making this holiday special for everyone...especially when added to an already busy schedule.  So we'd like to share a few easy ideas to make your table a little more festive this year.

Paper name tags (made from a punch) tied to a small lovely!

Or even just a sweet-gum ball with a name tag will work!

If you want to get a little more creative you could even try this cute little pinecone turkey to greet your guests at the table with.

You can even display some fall leaves on your tablecloth and then lay a sheer cloth, such as organza, over it.  If the leaves don't lay flat you can always use a little double-sided tape to hold them in place...and voila...a lovely splash of style!

Or for a lovely place setting, if you have transparent dishes, just lay some fall foliage under each plate.

You can also fill hurricane glass with some of those colorful fall leaves...this makes a great centerpiece...and so easy too!

Even a beaded napkin ring and flowers on the table can "do the trick".  

If you want to try something other than pumpkins and gourds for a centerpiece...try using just plain 'ole pears and greenery.  This is a quick and easy way to spruce up the table for your guests this year. I love the added pear at each place setting too!

There, you have it, some more quick fixes for your Thanksgiving feast decor.  If you want more info on any of these ideas, or to search for other ideas, you can visit the source here to find them.

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits: visit source above

November 16, 2011

Accent Furniture Fun

Today we are looking for just the "right" furniture accents for several clients. Did you know that, even for designers, furniture selections can sometimes take make sure you are not only getting the right size, but also taking into consideration the style needed for the room and the right finish.  In going through 
one of our furniture vendor's many selections we ran across a few that I thought you'd enjoy. 
Turquoise Crackle Chest

Zora Bombe Chest

Decorative Accent Chairs
Accent Chair

Round Pedestal Table

 Zebra Accent Table 

Diva Leopard Chest

Scalloped Demilune Chest

Aren't they all fun?  These were just a few that stood out to us today.  Now, the question YOU have a spot that could use one of these unique pieces? Which one do you like best? Head on over to source if you want the details of each one or if you'd like to look at more.

Be sure to...
Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

November 15, 2011

Just Plain Fun Stuff

Today's topic is "Just Plain Fun Stuff"...simply because we are just going to show you an array of things relating to your home.  Hope you don't mind...Let's start with just an inspiring photo of a lovely room...

You that know me well, know that custom window treatments is my "fave" of all...I LOVE creating and designing all the details that go into beautiful window treatments! Here is a photo from my archives that I had saved some time ago...the windows here are draped with lovely coordinating fabrics and some boot!  I love layering treatments and working in another fabric at the bottom of the drapery panels.  This is "Simply Irresistible", I do think!  Another detail here is the color of the walls vs. the color of the ceiling...take a look.  The darker ceiling just pulls the room together and makes this stunning ceiling, with all the architectural details, feel like an actual part of the room. Then, of course, there is the gorgeous mirror, the upholstery on the chairs, the table arrangement....ect...all of which totally inspire me.  How about YOU?

Now for a couple window designs we are working on...
This is actually a more traditional style, but we are using it in a more contemporary setting and making it with a modern fabric.  I think it will be great with what furnishings the client wants to keep and use in her room (dining room, by the way).  After all, making the customers happy is what it's all about!!

Another design for same client, but think she likes one above best!

This one is a design for a bay window area in the kitchen.  I love the simplicity of this style in the bay.

This is actually a Dash & Albert sample rug that we selected as an option for another dining room...however, we ended up making the room a little more formal so we didn't use this...but I LOVE the rug and the colors. Dash & Albert have some really great selections and many color ways.

A painting in another client's home that has incredible colors.  I just love this you?  What fun it will be to build the entire room design around this!

For some reason I could not rotate this one...hum...good thing design is my specialty and NOT computers!! Ha!  This is another fun painting I wanted to share...look at all these bright, fun colors.

This is a gorgeous brown and blue Nourison rug sample we selected for a powder room (this is NOT the actual rug, just a sample piece)...walls are painted in this...

SW6219 Rain
Sherwin Williams # 6219 Rain

A truly stunning kitchen...actually the client knew what she wanted (colors, style, the "look") but needed confirmation from us to move in this direction.  It is one of the warmest, most cozy kitchens where you just want to stay and visit (oh, and the homeowners make it this way too - they are delightful!)  We have then carried these colors into the surrounding areas in her home.

Again, stunning, is my word for these dining room chairs we just had custom made.  And these will be coming up in that "room reveal" we promised - once the rug gets delivered (remember, it finally shipped out!).

And these are just some inspiring accessories...I just think they are lovely.  Wouldn't adding just a few pieces throughout YOUR home change it a bit and give you a "new look"?  I'm sure it would.  It can be just THAT easy to freshen up an area...change the accessories!

I hope you enjoyed some just plain fun stuff from us today.  We have our hands into creating all sorts of stuff right now...and everyone is wanting delivery before Christmas!  We will do our best to make this happen...even with the custom items.

Thanks for stopping by...and...

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits: Unknown source, Alpha & Omega Interiors photos, Sherwin Williams