November 21, 2011

Dining Room Frenzy

Well, this is definitely the week that dining rooms have our full attention...with it being Thanksgiving. In honor of this holiday and all the wonderful family and friend gatherings that will take place on Thursday...let's turn all eyes on dining rooms today! The place where we will gather to eat and share all of the many good things we have to be thankful for. They are many!

How about this beauty...know what I love?  The gorgeous chandelier and the blue glasses with all the green.

I can't pick just "one" thing in starts with the color on the ceiling, down to the wallpaper and draperies, then on to the lovely table arrangements, and downward to the details of the trim on the chairs, and of course, the rug too!  There, you have it, I love every detail I do believe. 

Another bold, yet elegant look here. What about these layered you like?

I adore the colors in this dining room...ooh-la-la!  Oh, and the chairs, the artwork and those long gorgeous draperies too.

I really like the clean, crisp feel of this room and the fully upholstered dining you?

My most fave here is the spacing of the artwork over and beside the buffet.  This expands the entire wall by doing this and doesn't just do the "norm" by centering something right over the furniture.  Love it!

I really like the mix of chairs,  the centerpiece (so lovely!) and the lanterns for lighting...but you know me...I'd HAVE to have some window treatments!!  A "must" for me here!

So what is YOUR take on all of these dining rooms?  Any favorites? Which of these ideas do you wish you had in your dining room for your Thanksgiving feast this year?

If you are in need of a dining room "re-do"...we can help. We offer both local design services and long-distance design.  If you'd like help designing your dream room just leave us a comment and we'll get back with you on the details.  

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  Tradtional Home

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