November 28, 2011

Room Rescue

Today, I think I will share one of our current design projects that we  have just completed...wanna see?  It's the dining room of one of our clients we have been working with a room at the time.

It all started like this...on an inspiration board for our clients...

The inspiration board did just "inspired" our homeowners and they decided it was time to give this room the green light to move forward with the makeover.  So, we placed the orders for all the "beauties" that would soon go in this they opted for our "turn key" service.  

A lovely warm cocoa oval dining table, with a star-burst top, takes center stage in the room.  It has two 20" leaves available so they will have room enough for their guests (however, the room is fairly small so actually only one can be used). It was just the perfect style for their tastes! I love the clean lines with that little taper flair on the bottom of the legs.

Next, the buffet...decided to use the matching buffet in this room design since (1) the room is small and (2) since they have an antique china cabinet that they also wanted to keep in this room (shown on inspiration board).  We simply moved it to another wall and placed this lovely buffet on the largest wall.  This way we won't have too many different furniture finishes going on in this small space.

Now, this buffet would not look complete unless it was surrounded with some color...right?  And, we needed the right colors since the walls are painted with Sherwin Williams "Brevado Red" shown here...

SW6320 Bravado Red

Are you ready for some accessory reveal?  OK, here is the hand-painted oil painting we selected for this project to go over the buffet and on that Bravado Red wall...not only did we carefully select it for the colors (which you've just GOT to see with the rug...a bit later!), but also for the framing which was perfect for the decor and also for the size...these are all important factors when selecting just the right accessories for your room...Here it is (oh, did I mention...she just absolutely LOVES flowers!)

Isn't it lovely?

A pair of these beautiful, also hand-painted, porcelain lamps in green, gold and red now frame out this artwork on either end of the buffet.  The colors pull from the colors in the picture and bring in another pattern - a striped swirl.  

This really doesn't show the beauty of the colors well, but it's the best I could do for now...until we show you the real room reveal with everything in place from this make-over!

Are you now ready to see what kind of chairs we selected to go around this table?  Ah, they are beautiful....and no, they don't match the set...nope...we needed an element of softness and wanted to showcase more green in this is the style. You can see the REAL thing soon.  These were custom-made in a luscious velvety green fabric that we also selected...different (and darker!) from this green shown here from catalog.

And I saved the thing that grounds the entire room for last...the rug!  I spotted this newly released rug at the High Point Furniture Market in April actually, knowing that we'd be doing this client's dining room when we finished another one of her projects...and I just knew it was THE one for her!  It has just recently been made available for shipment and finally came in (remember me being so excited when it came that I posted about it!!).  After a long wait for it...Here it is...

The colors are so lush and vibrant and it is absolutely perfect for her room.  We have been so excited as this entire project has unfolded...and so have our clients!  Once all of these were in, we topped it all off with those much needed know, the "jewelry" that helps make that final WOW factor in a room! Since it was so near Thanksgiving we did Fall accessories (and are now getting ready to change seasons for her with new Christmas accessories!).

Well, being as this is the first room I have shared and unfolded this way on here...I hope you have enjoyed it.  I promise to reveal the entire room with pictures real soon.  I may even share "before" pics too. Thanks for sharing any opinions that you'd like to...and...let us know if you'd like to see more room reveals this way.

Remember, if you'd like to make YOUR room a little more..."Simply Irresistible"...then let us know!

Have yourself a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  Alpha & Omega Interiors, Vendors of Alpha & Omega Interiors Design Team

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