July 13, 2010

OK....I have decided that since we focused on the "embellishments" that can be added to our pillows, our next topic would have to be my very FAVORITE one of all. That is WINDOW TREATMENTS! Many of these wonderful embellishments that you saw in the last posting can also be used to "make a statement" on window treatments. Many times in a room people make the mistake of not dressing their windows at all. Actually, valances or draperies (and some other possibilities we will talk about) "soften" the room and add that sense of "coziness". This is an important aspect, not only for yourself, but for guests that visit. It speaks to them a sense of "come in, relax, and make yourself at home".

Living room in browns, greens, and blues in varying patterns
Photo courtesy of Coastal Living magazine

I started here in a room with a simple neutral color palette. The accessories punch some color here, but notice the simple window treatments used in this area. They are neutral in color, with a contrasting band sewn on the outer edges. There is only one drapery panel per side of each window. This means you don't have the "bulk" of more fabric (more widths) that you would have if you wanted to be able to close the draperies. These are just simple, stationary panels that add that must have "cozy" touch to the room. Now, imagine for a moment, if these windows were not dressed at all. The room would not be "softened" and the overall effect would not be the same. Do you also see how even the simple contrasting band of fabric, on the edge, makes a statement? This is one way to add an embellishment, but at the same time, keep it simple. Draperies such as these can be custom made (using designer fabrics, trims, and custom sizing) or purchased as a ready-made in many of your local stores. Your options are more limited when using ready-made, especially the fabric choices and lengths, but it CAN be done.

Family dining area with french doors and green floor to ceiling curtains
Photo courtesy of Coastal Living magazine

Here we find floor-to-ceiling draperies in a small print fabric that adds more of a "color punch" to the area. In this room, these draperies actually pull the outside in...look at that! How refreshing! These panels do have more "widths" in them on each side (than previous photo), but this is only a matter of choice, if they are just to enhance the look and feel of the room and are intended to be stationary.

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home magazine

And here we have bold, floral drapery panels that truly make a statement in this room. Extra "widths" are used on each side, because of the overall size of the window, which runs across most of that wall. If you used only one width here, then the window treatments would be off balance and actually look skimpy. Notice also in this photo that the drapery rod is not hung all the way to the ceiling, as the others were. They don't have to go all the way up, and knowing this can help if you are using ready-made draperies with limited lengths available. A good rule of thumb is...the higher the better... since it draws your eye upward and makes the area seem more open and even larger. However, if not taking them all the way up, then try hanging them half the distance between the top of the window casing and the ceiling, as pictured here. This gives you a nice effect too. Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, you HAVE to notice the trim used on the sofa pillows here!!! It is indeed "Simply Irresistible"!

I hope this has helped you with our most basic window treatment - simple panels - and how they can add so much to a room. We will continue diving into more drapery options and also take a look at how embellishments can even be added to them. There is a whole world of exciting window treatments out there and we look forward to sharing more ideas with you. Now go have yourself a most blessed day!


  1. I would love to see you blog more! You have showcased some beautiful rooms. I would provide the link to your blog on my three Facebook profiles and my blog if you start blogging again.

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  2. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! I hope to now blog on a more regular basis. I have lots to learn about it yet, but I do enjoy sharing with others what I have a passion for. Thanks so much!