January 24, 2012

Decisions, Decisions!

Now I know sometimes we all have a hard time making up our mind...right?  I am especially like this when trying to do my own home...way too many options for me!  Take a look at this homeowner's decision...(sorry for the run-over, but wanted to post a large view of it)


Get ready for this...she couldn't decide on "which" fabric to use in the bedroom makeover so she used TWO fabrics for the draperies and on the bedding (look close at the bed and you'll see where the other fabric was inserted!). What do you think of that?  Do you like the draperies...or dislike?  Hum, my first response was that I liked it. It was because it wasn't "the norm"...it struck my eye since it was totally different, but after looking at it a bit longer I'm not so sure I really do like it at all...but I really "think" I do!  

Now "I" am undecided about this drapery panel "look" here...help me out, would you?  Let me know YOUR thoughts and how YOU like it...please!  This could be a new thing for future design projects...especially for those that can't make up their mind!! Ha!

I do like a room that has lots of interesting details, patterns, textures, colors, etc...it actually makes it interesting and makes you want to stay awhile.  If it's a "safe" room, meaning a lack of the above mentioned features...then you can pretty much sum it up and take it all in by a glance or two.  What kind of rooms do YOU have?  Interesting...or safe?  Do tell.

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  Traditional Home

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  1. Safe! I like the room, but I would never, ever do that. Too "out there" for me.

    I've been thinking of you today my friend. Hope to catch up soon.