April 4, 2013

Client Project Reveal - Gallery Wall

Remember the art gallery wall I mentioned that we were working on?  Well...it is finished!!!  Mission accomplished!  Clients were simply thrilled with the outcome.  Want to see...?

We started out by sorting through all of the art that the clients had framed.  He is a retired professional football player...yes, a real star, as I told him!  They had been wanting all of the pictures (and when I say "all" I mean a whole slew of them!) arranged and hung on the wall going upstairs.  Here is how it all began...sorting to see what all we have...

Oh, and this isn't even all of them!  Believe me! The pictures were from college through a couple of pro football team years.  We knew that making a template of each one (whew!) would be the best thing to do in order to make a layout for the wall space.  So, that's what we did.  We also marked the nail or hanger spot on each template so our installer would be able to easily hang each one in it's exact spot!  (He was impressed, by the way!)

The next thing was to decide HOW we wanted to hang them.  We finally decided that we wanted the wall to tell a story.  So we started the story with college years on up through each team he played for.  

OK, so, once we had all of these templates...we had some fun on the stairway!!!

...oh, and LOTS of blue tape!  I was paranoid that these would fall off the wall before the installer got them up (which was scheduled for a couple days later).  You can't see the whole wall here, but believe me we had fun...we did!  We always love a challenge and have a great time all while doing our work!  We also decided to put her children's wedding portraits up on the opposite wall.  She has three already, but she wanted places for all five (for when the time comes and the others get married)...so we templated for these as well.

Finally, it was install day.  I met with the installer that morning at the client's house to get started.  Here are the results...looking down the stairs... 

Instead of filling the sloped wall with art all the way across to the crown moulding we stepped it down all the way across.  The other way made it feel way to crowded.  This was just a better look as you came up or down the stairs.

 Here are the two spots for the other children's wedding portraits that will come later (no, they aren't leaving the templates up until then!).

Now a look from below...this just "cozied up" the whole space.

We worked even the large ones right in with the smaller ones.

This one was made just for this spot...don't ya think?

 A few more she wanted hung in this spot on the top landing...

 This set of football pictures were hung at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway (where some other football memorabilia was already hung).  

When her hubby (the star!) got home that evening he texted me and said..."AWESOME!  LOVE IT!" (in all caps!)...and a bit later she texted me as well and said "He was blown away.  Wish you could have been here.  Your ultimate success!"  I was SO happy that they were both so very pleased.  That's what interior design is all about...making the client's dream become a reality...and we had indeed!  

So, this gives you a little peek into some of what goes on around here.  Hope you enjoyed!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day! 

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