June 11, 2014

Room of the Week

Hello, lovely readers!  It's been quite awhile.  There have been many recent changes in our lives, all of which are good, but it has really taken me away from blog-land!  I hope to be back a little more often during these upcoming summer months. 

Now that it's practically summer...let's heat it up a bit with some RED!  Shall we?  Since the kitchen is usually known as the 'heart' of our home I thought we'd get things going again with this lovely red kitchen...voted as our 'Room of the Week'.  Isn't it beautiful?  Be sure to check out all the details (an easy habit of mine when it comes to design!) such as the ceiling, the lampshades, the art, the red trim around the roman shade treatment on the window....shall I go on, just in case you miss any?  OK then...the plant on the island, the stripe fabric on the bar stools (yep, even a red stripe here).  Isn't it lusciously decorated?  It's definitely a place I could stay in for awhile...whether cooking or just gathering to fellowship!

How about YOU?  Could you handle a little sizzling RED in your kitchen?  I'm pretty sure I could!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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