March 31, 2014

A Dose of Turquoise

Hi friends!  It's been I've been 'up to my eyeballs' with custom projects for clients therefore no blog-time left at the end of the day.  At least now Spring is upon us, right?  That always makes it even more inspiring to talk about....all things design! So, let's do it, shall we?

As I've mentioned before I love love love customizing products for clients (especially window treatments)...I truly do.  However, I've also recently been working on another project, for a rental house, that isn't custom.  I mean can you imagine doing 'custom' window treatments in a RENTAL?  I don't think so! But, this client wants "The Look for Less".  

Here is the design spark (i.e. 'starting point') for this entire room...

Isn't it gorgeous? Well, that's MY opinion!  I love the birds and I love the bold colors. These were actually ready-made draperies that I found online for this project.  If you knew me, you'd know I am a 'want to see and touch' person...not really an online shopper, so I immediately headed to the local store.  Here they are...

They are much more gorgeous (yes, 'gorgeous') in person!  And much to my surprise...they were LINED!  I knew immediately...this was it!  I ordered hardware from our hardware vendor in Vintage is the finial...and the poles are this finish as well.  

Perfect with the golds in the draperies.  I will use them as stationary side panels to each side of the window...not pulled together and tied back as above.  Well, here you go...we just installed a few days ago.

We found a dining room table that would be just right in this space (it is a formal living room and dining room - carpeted, I might add - how often do you see a carpeted dining room these days?). I might just mention this table was found in a 'clearance sale' at a furniture store.  I went in 'KNOWING' I wouldn't find a thing in the clearance area, but I'd just LOOK....was I ever wrong! It was on clearance because there were no chairs to go with it.  But...we didn't want 'matchy-matchy' anyway in this it was a WINNER!

The drapery finials, in that vintage gold, will work so well with these carved legs on the table!

Next...enter these velvet button-tufted turquoise chairs!  Oh yeh!  I just loved popping this color with that table.  I might mention that they are more the color in the drapery fabric than they look here. Four of these for side chairs would be just right.  Guess where these were found? Right here.
Question....are YOU able to mix furniture styles...especially legs on furniture like we are doing here?  Just curious!  It's a great eclectic look ya know!  Next step will be finding some unique arm chairs (on a little larger scale) for the ends of the table...hum, my brain is swirling with loads of ideas now.

Here's a little peek from this angle...see the chair!

Here is a little better view with the pretty table top...and the 'puddled' drapery panels...which I just LOVE!

So, for today, that sums it up for our RENTAL design.  We are just getting started as we have lots more to do.  This will be a really fun challenge...and all done on a tight budget.  Hey, we can do it! Everyone deserves to have their home...turned into a HAVEN...even if they are renting for a season, right?

If YOU need help pulling together a design plan for your home...just let us know.  We'll get in touch with you and give you all the information you'll need to get started working with us!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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