April 8, 2014

Client Before and After...Custom Draperies

Hi!  I hope each of you are enjoying your week and hopefully, in most locations, are now enjoying a little bit of spring-like weather.

Remember the client project I shared with you here and then here? Well, we finally installed phase #1 of these custom draperies last week! I thought I'd just share some of them with you today so you could see the finished product....the bedroom will hopefully be finished up and installed by the end of next week.



Notice...we changed the blinds out too in a few rooms.  They now have Kirsch Top-Down-Bottom-Up Honeycomb Shades in colors of her preference!



Another shade change here too.  The darker toffee brown reflects all the brown-tones in her bath.  We will also be addressing that wall space above the picture that you see here too.  The valance fabric had just enough blue in it to allow us to keep the art she already had here.


Not great photos...sorry!

We used indoor/outdoor fabric on this one...just in case. 




A little close up of the detailing on this valance
Now her laundry room is a 'happy' place to work...the valance ties in with the runner and artwork in this room and makes it looked completed.


Glaring light is bright....sorry!

Our installers hard at work in this room...

 Almost finished here...just a little 'hand-dressing' needed.  This fabric (it has the gold and the black running through it) looks SO good with his office rug...Remember it?

It's all really pretty....and reflects the look they wanted....but, in my opinion...I saved the best for last...take a look!

Our hard working installers prepping to install the double treatment in the Great Room.



I love this corner view that peeks into the kitchen too!

This one was our 'tricky' one (not really, just very detailed!)...tight space at right side, but needing to soften and frame window...not to mention hide that stack of vertical blinds on the right side.  I also wanted to 'soften' the entire top of the vertical blind headrail...but couldn't come down into the doorway too low either.  It turned out just as I designed and imagined it...plus our clients were 'oh so happy' with it!



 Hopefully you noticed her new BLACK honeycomb shade in here...it's really a dramatic look in here with this fabric...and the rug!

 The prints got moved so we could come out farther on each side of the window with the stationary drapery panels...it makes the room look larger.  They also got a fresh coat of BLACK on the frames...which now makes them really 'POP' in the room.

Just another angle of the room so you can see how the PINK lining in the valance pelmets goes with the art here....and the fresh tulips put on her table!

And...here is her rug that was already in this room...
Perfect together!

So, that is it for this Phase #1 of installations.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the results of this custom drapery project. It's been a real treat working with these clients...and we have become such good friends along the way!  That's always a BONUS...for me anyway!

I hope to be back to finish up and show you the results of the Master Bedroom and two Guest Bedroom installations soon.

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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