January 20, 2014

FUN Client Challenge - Progress Update #1

As you know I showed you the BEFORE photos of a design project we just recently started here.  We have been doing lots of work behind the scenes...want to see a little of it?

As you know...when working with fabric selections the entire studio and office can get to looking like THIS...floor and all...because there can be so many directions with fabric that you can take the project.  

This is one, of many, phases I put my heart and soul into...to have asked all the right questions (hopefully!) to determine the tastes and styles and pattern likes and dislikes, etc....of our client.  So, I pull out many choices that would work, but then I go through the process of elimination to fine-tune it to what I believe that client would like best.  I do give them a couple of choices usually and I ALWAYS let them know at time of presentation that I want THEM to be happy so to just let us know if we 'missed it' at all and we'll gladly go back and fine-tune it even more.  THIS is a key step in making and keeping HAPPY clients!!!

Once we feel we've got it together enough to make a presentation to the client we start by ordering memo samples of the fabric.  Then, we do our inspiration board, which happens to be only fabric right now for this client.
Can you tell how the rooms already have a 'flow'...just from the fabric selections?  That is important and we keep that in mind too.  However, all the choices weren't on the board and I was well-armed with several others (especially for the Master Bedroom and Office that I knew would work). 

Also, the other two Guest Bedrooms didn't fit on this board above ...so I had another partial inspiration board for those fabrics...as well as a few other choices in books to show (if necessary).
The pink in this bedroom in being pulled into the room to fit with the colors in the art in that room that she has...and she wanted to "make a bold statement" in this room too.  The far left fabrics were choices to go with the one room that she already had custom bedding in...which had to be a 'keeper' in that room of course.

Here is that Guest Bedroom....with her paisley bedding she has....can you guess which fabric she went with for the draperies (and we're adding a custom dust ruffle in the same fabric to also go with her bedding to repeat the fabric in the room again!)  Bottom right STRIPE - a small cutting of it only is on this board, but it is beautiful in her room.  We both liked the wider stripe better...and we felt we needed to go with a stripe in this room.

Here is what we are using in the other Guest Bedroom to go with this...
This picture also has the blue in it...and the blue in the fabric is just enough 'grey blue' to work with this.  She's happy...so I'm happy!

I don't know why I started you in the back guest bedrooms....oh well, too late now!  We'll just head on around to the great room now...come along!

Remember her furnishings?  (Just FYI...we will be tweaking some accessories in this room after we get all the work-orders for the draperies done!)

This is the gorgeous fabric that is going at that huge sliding glass door area (will be to left of this photo) and the style will be something like this...(yes, this is a photo of her window too and the fabric was downloaded so she could see the finished vision!)

So now that I've shown you that...I'll just show you the final inspiration board with all of the fabric selections for these other rooms....final fabric selections are...
Bottom left - Great Room as shown above
Top left - Dining Room
Top middle - Breakfast Nook
 (which looks like this and I had ordered her a 1/4 yard to see full repeat of this fun fabric....below)

Top right - Laundry Room
Middle/Center of Board - Hubby's Home Office
Bottom Middle - stripe - Master Bedroom
Bottom Right - Master Bathroom
(to tie in with MBR and also that picture that threw the blue into that room!)

There is no yellow in the fabric (nor the MBR) but I think it will be fine...she has other yellow accessories in this bath...and we will be adding 'things' and putting something up above this picture to 'raise the eye'.

And...it looked great with the Master Bedroom fabric...

So...how did YOU enjoy being a part of the process of this interior design project?  I hope you enjoyed it and will be back when we share the window treatment....STYLES we'll be using!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to...

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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