January 3, 2014

FUN Client Challenge

Get ready...get set...GO!  Are you ever up for a good design challenge?  I surely hope so because we are always ready to take on a challenge!  So much so that I have decided to share more of our behind-the-scene design challenges with you this year.  By "challenge" I mean this...a home where the client has already bought and placed furnishings (some thrifted and some new) but is now ready for us to select fabrics and style for her CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENTS throughout the house and for the Alpha & Omega Interiors design team to also...PULL IT ALL TOGETHER with these fabrics!  Whew!  Sometimes it really is a true challenge...to blend fabrics to what they already have and want to use while trying to make all the rooms flow together...Take a peak at one of our newest design projects we just started working on.

Master Bedroom in need of coordinating window treatments

Existing lamps to be used in here...aren't they gorgeous! (You'll just have to overlook the bedside table cough drops for now - Ha!)

Windows in this room (partial view - yes, with gorgeous palm trees all around!)

and windows also on each side of the bed too

Master Bath window in need of softening with fabric...and to blend in with the colors in the Master Bedroom (above)...Challenge!  Color wise and style wise!

A Dining Room with this rug...

also needing window treatments...but hold on...that's not all...

This picture is in the dining room with this rug....challenge!  The color challenge as well as the style challenge.  It's in need of a fabric not only to tie the rug and the artwork together, but it much also blend with the great room colors as well.  We can accomplish this though!

Oh, and these prints are in that same room too but on a different wall now.  We took them off the window wall to allow more space for draperies to be mounted...(not sure, but we may just re-frame and re-mat these down the road!)

Client's great room furnishings...she added in a little plum color in here.  Challenge - contemporary lighting and art with traditional furniture...adjoins the above dining room and master bedroom....therefore also a color challenge!  You know, it has to FLOW!

(Terrible dark picture - oops!)  
Here is the window needing TLC...with fabric! Ya know, to me anyway, an undressed window is as bad as putting on a shirt and pants and that's it...no shoes, no jewelry, no purse, etc. - "Plain Jane" as I tend to say.  Do you agree?

Then there is the office...with this gorgeous rug

These bookcases...all in need of being pulled together and adding in my favorite element...

more custom window treatments!

A guest bedroom on the opposite end of the house...paired with...

These lamps and this artwork...

And yet another naked window needing our attention!

The next guest bedroom (just down from the other bedroom)...with this artwork already on the wall and ready for us to work with

Notice this window to be 'dressed' and the challenge of the headboard placement here...and the contemporary furnishings in a bedroom right next to the other guest bedroom which is much more traditional...and then there is the color challenge as the artwork in here is grey, blue and pink!

A closer look at the furniture and wood grain in this room.  See the mirror to match...it's staying in here too. (If you see the reflection of another piece of artwork in the mirror - it's been changed out to the one I showed you above!)

This is artwork in a laundry room that we will also be doing for this client...this room is right off from the other guest bedrooms.

And a runner in brown is in here too.

And yet another bare window screaming "dress me please!"

So, want to follow along with us for this project?  There are even two more rooms I didn't even show you today that we will be doing as well.  One is the breakfast nook and the other is one of the guest bathrooms.  Do you think this is a great design challenge?  We'll be working with blending old with the new, contemporary and traditional, coordinating fabrics to bedding and furnishings already there...all while pulling these rooms together by some common thread...WE are ready?  Are YOU?  Join us and we'll be updating you occasionally during the process.  Fun...Fun...Fun....and truly a CHALLENGE! That's what we do best!

We put our heart and soul into each and every design project to make it exactly what our client will love! 

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog.

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

All images are the sole property of Alpha & Omega Interiors.  Please do not use or copy without written permission.  Thank You!

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