January 30, 2014

Tips for" Softening" your Rooms - Recap

I'm back...honestly I have to say, it's so hard to be faithful to blogging when all my time is tied up being faithful to client projects. I know that those of you who have a design business out there can surely relate, right? I tend to get caught up in all the "details" of each design project...for hours each day! Believe me when I say this...there are tons of details in this business!  Some people use to tell me that it "must be nice to be a designer and work with all that pretty fabric and accessories all day long"....uh hum, yea right!  It's not just about the "pretties"....that part is great, but there are so many other aspects of it behind the scenes that nobody ever sees...or perhaps can even fathom.  But, I do promise to pop in here with the blog as often as I can...so please keep stopping by.

For a few weeks we've been talking about ways you can 'soften' your room.  For a little recap of a few things, today we will take a photo of a room that I used as an example of a 'hard and cold' room in the beginning of this series...and we will add to the room what elements we've discussed so far.

Here was the room...

Same room...with a little help!
Softening A Room

Elements added:
*Window valances (only shown on part of the windows here)

*Rug (added one in the Great Room towards the back-right side of photo!)

*Pillows (can be used in Dining Room chairs and in Great Room)

*Greenery and Florals (used on table, countertops, and in Great Room corner)

It's simply amazing how just a few extra 'touches' can totally transform a room into soft and cozy! What element do YOU think added the most to this room?

More on "Room Softening" later!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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