January 8, 2015

Happy New Year and Company Changes for 2015

Hello dear readers...and Happy New Year a little late!  We have some exciting changes that have transpired that we'd like to share with you.

We have made a move...to good 'ole sunshiny Florida. Yes, southwest Florida, so it's quite the change for us. We love it here and have continued onward with our interior design business...just in a much warmer climate no doubt!

Along with this change came...a company name change! Change is good, right? We are now...ARBORGATE INTERIORS LLC. We will still provide the same amazing interior designs as in the past 29 years and stellar customer service that will continue to surpass even our client's expectations. THAT is something that won't change!!!

We now also offer many new services to cover any and all needs our clients may have...no matter how large or how small a project is. We've already been working with many new clients here in Florida as well as designing some of their summer homes up north. We can also work with you and your friends or referrals...even LONG-DISTANCE...meaning no matter where you live! Close or far-away...it doesn't matter. That's right, we can work with you almost just like being right there in your home, but some of the process will be 'virtual'.  You will even have the option to have an interior designer and yet save on your budget if you prefer to 'manage' your own design project once we've created it for you. You'll know exactly what steps to take (at your own pace, of course) and exactly what to buy and where to place it.  Imagine!

We LOVE doing 'turn-key' design projects here with the local Florida residents as well as being able to continue working with all of our former clients (i.e. any upcoming projects you may have now) and referrals even though we've re-located! So if you, or anyone you know, desire to make your home more beautiful...be sure to contact us.

Yet another change is this...we are going to try and make a bit more time for this BLOG!  I admit, it's been ignored for awhile and pushed to the back burner because of our design projects and also our big move. Our interior design projects still take first priority around here, but our intention is to try and share a little more with our readers in 2015.  So, we are really glad you've stayed with us! May this be YOUR best year yet!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Arborgate Interiors LLC

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