October 19, 2011

The Simplicity of Roman Shades

I just love the effect of roman shades.  There are two kinds of roman shades...one of which is shown here in our pictures today and commonly known as "flat" romans.  This means when they are down they are flat.  Then, there is another style which is called "folded" roman shades.  When these are down they still have folds all the way down.  For now we'll look at the most simple of the styles...flat roman shades.

A solid with a bold trim always makes a bold statement in a room.  

Or, if you prefer a patterned fabric this also looks nice with an outside border.

This simple window treatment also works well on doors.  Here it is shown in a lovely stripe which doesn't need to be outlined with a border.

A little wider stripe also looks nice and makes a bold statement.

Here is another, over the top design, using only solid fabric with a contrasting border..."Simply Irresistible", I do believe!

So what do you think about roman shades?  Do you like the simplicity of these?  They can be mounted either inside the window frame or on the outside edge of it...take a look back on these photos and you will see both.  Like or dislike?

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  DecorPad, House Beautiful, Tobi Fairley,

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