April 9, 2012

Office Inspiration

Hello, dear readers!  I hope each of you had a blessed Easter. Now it's official...my friends and family are saying I must indeed truly be "MIA".  Yikes, it has been a crazy busy last couple of weeks.  Not only with design projects, but with these here...home renovations of our own! I know it will be worth it, once it's over with...but the "going through" all this madness is hard.  So, today I am in the office...working like a mad woman (ha!), but wanted to say hello.

(Forgot source of this photo, so if you know let me know!)

And I truly do wish THIS was my newly renovated office to work in today!  Just loving this pink and green...what inspiration for an office!  

Hope your day is..."Simply Irresistible"!

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