April 18, 2012

Kitchen Renovation

I've been meaning to share a few "Before and After" pictures with you of a client's kitchen that was in desperate need of a make-over.  She hired us for the job and from that moment on...the transformation had begun.  It's always such a blessing to not only get a total "re-do" to work on, but to also get really great clients too! They were great to work with and we all enjoyed the process.

Here are a few "Before" photos...

This was a lovely country farm house built, if I remember correctly, in the very early 1900's.  Can you tell they were really ready for a kitchen make-over?  My husband, of our cabinet division, and also a very experienced custom cabinetry guy himself, worked with our design team and the clients...it was truly a "team" effort in order for us to make this client's dreams and wishes become reality and more importantly...be the look SHE wanted!

Here's what we came up with...the "After" pics...

I'll mention here that the countertops we selected for this project were made from concrete...that's right...concrete.  It was an amazing process, in which we also determined the exact finish, texture and color outcome that we wanted (well, the client made the final choice with us!).  If you want to find out more about this type of countertop then go to Granicrete to learn more.

For her walls we took down the dated wallpaper and added that pop of gold...Sherwin Williams Anjou Pear.

And the ceiling, remember that's an important factor too in the overall room ambiance...is painted in Jersey Cream (also by Sherwin Williams), which is two shades lighter than the wall color...

This picture shows more detailing of the tile design...and what do you think about this navy grout?  A feature she just fell in love with!  Oh, btw....she LOVES navy!!

She wanted plenty of glass display cabinets and shelves to showcase some of her select collectibles...which we designed above her cabinets and even incorporated some of her main cabinets this way to showcase her dishes.

Of course the kitchen wouldn't be complete without the new farm sink...a MUST in this farm house. (Sorry for the darkness of this one!)

More display cabinetry and a custom microwave niche...pull-out spice racks, etc...everything she wanted in her new kitchen.

Here's a little clearer view of the feet on these custom cabinets. 

We customized a farm table, also with the concrete countertop (mentioned above with link) on it,  to use for an island AND a kitchen table.  Going to add some stools here too!

I wish I had a close-up of this gorgeous medallion to show you!

What a fun project!  My design team and myself spent most of our time designing the lovely red, gold and blue tile designs to use in here.  It turned out great, of course with the excellent workmanship of our tile expert that installed it according to plan.  Each detailed cut of our design was carried out to "the tee" especially behind the stove.  What do ya think? I think I'll give "hubby" an extra applause too here...great job on the cabinets!!

Well, that's it for now.  I wish I had professional photos to show you now, but I don't.  Hope you could at least tell from these how our total kitchen renovation made this couple's dreams go from vague ideas and magazine clippings (yes, they had these too!)...to a beautiful reality that they will enjoy for many years to come.  

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  1. I can only see the top two pictures. Darn! I know it turned out gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Hey! I'm not sure what may have happened, but they are on here today. Maybe you can see them now. If not, I'll try to figure out what may be going on. Thanks for stopping by!!

    1. I still don't see the after pictures. I can see the before ones though. And I can see the paint colors. That's so weird!

  3. Problem fixed.., well, hopefully! Let me know if you can now see all the pictures. Hope so! Thanks for letting me know this too!