April 11, 2012

Simple Design Ideas

With our renovations here still underway I wanted to pop in and share some great designer picks with you today.  Sound fun? Let's put together a new look with some of these fine products...shall we?

Bungalow 5 Claire Wall Mirror

Bungalow 5 Cordova Lamp

Bungalow 5 Cordova Lamp

Perhaps you'd prefer a little more "pop" of color with that mirror instead...either way...both would be a great look!

Dash and Albert Yacht Stripe Ocean Woven Cotton Rug
Dash and Albert Yacht Stripe Rug

Now let's not forget those floors...let's "soften" the area by adding in this Dash and Albert rug...which works with either lamp choice.

Ok, now we need a table, right?  For this mirror to hang over, these lamps (2 of them btw!) at each end, and this rug on the floor in front of....this table, perhaps...

Somerset Bay Bulls Bay Console SB191

Yea...I like this one...how about YOU?  Can you catch the "vision" yet?  Last, but not least...we need accessories for in between the two lamps...hum, let's see what we found!


Something like this will work...placed right in between the lamps.  

There, we have it.  Maybe there is a foyer that has been long awaiting a little update.... it's a great way to make a grand entrance into your home.  Or perhaps you've got a bedroom dresser that neeps a "facelift"...this same idea would work there too. Take whatever STYLE you like...and find similar pieces to get YOUR  new look.  

Just be sure to let us see your 'Before and After' pics...Ok?  Have fun and be creative...make it YOU!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Images by:  Bungalow 5, Dash and Albert, Somerset Bay, NDI

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