June 1, 2012

Coastal Retreat

Back again and I simply cannot believe it is Friday all over again.  I hope you are looking forward to a simple, laid-back weekend! With that in mind...how about a coastal retreat?

Let's look at some southern charm, shall we?  Inside of this Palmetto Bluff, SC home...
Nautical Coastal Home Decor: Traditional Coastal Elements
For one bit of interesting info about the exterior of the house...the homeowners used "Tabby" (a mixture of lime, sand, water and crushed oyster shells that dry like concrete). This was also used by early settlers since the ingredients for it were easily found along the coast...how cool is that!

Nautical Coastal Home Decor: Natural Air Circulation
I just love shutters...just the "look" they give is enough for me, but also that they have operable slats...so you can control the amount of light, or breeze, that comes in.  

Now, let's step inside...
Nautical Coastal Home Decor: Coastal Details
I could certainly go for the inside charm too.  I love the painted pieces, the shells used as accessories, the palm fronds (of course!), the rug...well, all of it really.  

Nautical Coastal Home Decor: A Touch of Blue
How about this neutral color scheme with the subtle pops of blue?  Calming and serene...don't ya think?

 Nautical Coastal Home Decor: Coastal Tones and Details
Same goes for the kitchen...not too much blue, just pops.  I love the marble counter tops.  Also, the nautical lighting over the island...ah, I'm a lovin' it!!! 

And the best part about this kitchen is...
Nautical Coastal Home Decor: An Extension of the Interior
It opens right up to the lovely porch on the FRONT, yes front, of the house!  Just open up the french doors and enjoy your meal in this beautiful space...with the dog too, of course!!

Now, if the FRONT porch is this nice...wonder what the back porch is all about?  Shall we see and head on out that way...
Nautical Coastal Home Decor: Back Porch Retreat
Oh my!  What a cozy spot and I am not surprised at all to find the homeowner out here (again, with the dog!!) soaking up some R&R on this swinging daybed.  How nice this must be!  The drapery panels are made out of weatherproof sailcloth for a little shade and privacy.  Then, with a little more TLC they added the large throw pillows and euros and a bit of greenery...all of which "soften" the look out here.  So...with that in mind...I think I'll tarry a bit longer out here...

So, enjoy your weekend and be sure to make it...
"Simply Irresistible"!  

Photo Credits:  Southern Living

Photographed by:  Laurey W.  Glenn   


  1. Think they would let us come and stay for a few days? Ha. Beautiful home.

  2. I did...I was here all weekend! Ha! Just kidding, but I surely do wish I had been. Glad you enjoyed it too. Sometimes just "looking" is refreshing! Have a wonderful week!