June 6, 2012

On a Lilly Kick

Lilly Pulitzer, that is.  I can't seem to get enough of it.  Do you remember the days of carrying a "Daytimer".  You know, the hard- bound cover with all the calendar pages in it?  Well, I gave it up a few years ago (and yes, it was like pulling a blankie or pacifier away from a baby! Truth!) to go with a calender on my computer...not a tangible "thing".  Was it this hard for YOU to let go of?  Well, it was for me...so that secret about me is out!

As much as I do like having everything right on my computer...no paper trails (unless of course I print my schedule)...I miss having it.  I don't rely on a calendar on my PHONE...nope, I don't.  I have the capability of it, but just haven't done it.  So...for what I am getting to (finally, right?)...

2013 may just HAVE to be different because of these...

These are Lilly Pulitzer 2013 Agenda Books (available here) complete with a 17-month agenda that has weekly and monthly calendar pages, dates to remember, contacts and notes.  What's not to love about these?  Should I use them for design business/schedule?  Or personal agenda?  What's a girl to do...give up the calendar on the computer and once again revert to her old ways...with these beauties...I think I may choose to!!

How about you...do you love these enough to go back to the "old" way...or incorporate one of these into your life along with the phone and computer calendars...???  Do tell.

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Images by Lilly Pulitzer

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