January 7, 2013

ROOM REVEAL: Custom Design Installed - Guest Bedroom

I thought I'd share some "before and after" photos with you of a custom design we finished installing for a client just before Christmas. The furniture and bedding/draperies were actually installed a few weeks earlier, but all the little "details" and accessories were installed just in time for her holiday guests.

When we were done...this guest bedroom truly reflected our client's tastes and personality!   

Here are a few of the BEFORE photos we took...
We did add this iron piece to serve as a headboard in this room way before we ever got to this room to design.  We did all the other rooms in her house prior to doing this one, but she wanted and needed some sort of headboard, in this small space, at the time.

New bedding and draperies will be designed and custom made especially for her.

Do you recall the other guest bedroom (here) we designed for this same client that had the blue carpet?  Well, this is the other guest bedroom that is separated by a guest bathroom.

We won't be using any of her current furnishings so we'll get to select all of the new pieces that will go in here. Oh, we will be keeping...the blue carpet.

This, now, blank wall will also need something...we won't leave it bare.  The doorway you see a little of is the door into the adjoining bathroom.

In this one you can see the placement of the windows in the room.  Let's start designing it all....shall we?


Many, many hours are spent pouring over the client's needs/wants, the ever so many styles, sizes, colors, patterns, etc to find just the right materials and furnishings for the project at hand...in the end...here is what we came up with for a design plan to present to her.  The fabrics on the far RIGHT top are the ones we used in the other guest bedroom.  They have to coordinate and flow together.  The top MIDDLE stripe fabric is what we pre-selected for the guest bath...it needed to be decided upon in order to proceed to this bedroom design. These fabric selections are on the LEFT side.  We put all of the fabrics on this design board so she could get the idea that all three rooms would "flow" well.  We ended up making a different lamp selection than the one shown above, but you can see it below in the layout and again in the Room Reveal.

Room Layout of Window wall

Room Layout of Closet wall

Room Layout of Entrance wall
Small bedroom but this wall isn't to scale here because furniture fits much better than shown here.  

View of overall Room Layout

(Sorry for the darkness...these are NOT professional photos!)
And here are the after photos...
I wish you could see this one better (and I'm no Photoshop expert myself!)...but I have another shot of it, I think, that I'll show towards the end.  One goal was to also pop some RED in this room since the other bedroom and the bath are red.   

All of the details thought out beforehand...right down to the right accessories for the bedside table.  See the RED on the bolster we designed and had made.  It pops just the right amount of red on the bedding!

A little dark...sorry again!

Here's the bedside table we selected...with a shelf and drawer.
Our client had books she wanted in the guest room so we placed a blue basket in the floor for these...with a RED tassel on the side (can't really see it here).

Hydrangeas are her favorite flowers...so that once bare wall is bare no more!

We had this side chair custom-made and also a pillow made to match the bedding.  We put a RED throw on the bed and added this fun red pillow in the chair too.  Side table also has a few red items on it...and a funky pair of blue reading glasses...for the guests!!  Details make all the difference in the world...they can really personalize a room!  

Another hydrangea with writing that resembles a GUESTroom.  Now, about the "football" pics you see on this wall.  Her hubby was a pro football player (Go Steelers Go...as he would say!) and they have tons of custom-framed football pictures some of which date back to even earlier years when he played the sport. We are planning to do a wall gallery up the hall stairway soon, but she wanted to incorporate some of the pics in here...so we did.  We did a mini-gallery wall of them and added a trio of flower mirrors and a few little canvas bird pictures here and there.  It really looks great...especially in person.  These photos don't really bring out the real "look and feel" of the room.

This one shows it a little better...and we selected this chest so her guests would have a place for their clothes.  The wood-tone we used on this piece is dark and blends in with the darker headboard and drapery hardware on the opposite wall....yet we kept the wood-tone light on the bedside table!  Mixing it up...eclectic...whatever you want to call it...it's their style!

Again, the tiniest of details were selected...even a "bling" clock!  A little mix of feminine and masculine never hurt anyway, huh?  

A much better view of the football layout.  A few of these even pop a little more RED!

You might even see the blue glasses on the side table here...do ya? And ya just gotta love this little garden stool serving as a side table here.

A pretty little close-up of the fabrics.  

I love, love, love goblet pleated drapery panels.  These were custom-made and the fabric is a cream with tiny small cream squares (dust ruffle, euro sham, bolster and draperies are all in this fabric). The hardware was custom-finished to go with the finish on the iron "headboard".  In person...it is FAB!

Here is a great shot of the custom bolster...the ends are in the blue fabric.  Our clients loved the trim in RED...and all the other details of this room as well.  You can't see it well, but the frame right beside the lamp is a "girly" feminine frame (creme swirlies) and we put a great picture of her hubby in it- very masculine - remember, a football star!  He was funny...and so was his response...of this and that red flower pillow in the chair!  He called me to tease us about it....and then ended his message saying "outstanding job...as always".  We are always SO glad to see and hear our clients SMILE!!!

So, that about wraps up this Room Reveal.  I hope you enjoyed it.  No two projects of ours end up looking the same.  Why? You may ask...because we always listen to our client's desires and come up with a plan that makes the room reflect...THEM!  This is important to us!  Everyone has different tastes, personalities, wishes, likes, budgets...so we aim to please...each and every time!!  

Want Alpha & Omega Interiors to custom design a room for YOU? If so, let us know and also stay tuned...especially you out-of-towners...we have some exciting news coming soon!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

All images are the exclusive property of Alpha & Omega Interiors.  

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