February 7, 2014

Tips for "Softening" your Room - Part Five

Sometimes, even if you have all the other elements in place in a room, you may still find a spot or two that could use a little more "softening"....hard to believe, huh?  It's true and most times it is our tabletops that need a little more attention.  

Even though this chest has the softening effects on it from the lovely flowers it still could use a little more...and a great way to do this is by...adding a tassel.  Here we've put one on the lamp to soften it as we often do.  It's just a simple touch!

You might can see it a little better here. (I take such blurry photos sometimes - sorry!)

Let's take another lamp...a little less traditional, shall we?
See sometimes lamps, no matter how pretty, can look a little 'hard and cold'.  Can you tell?

Let's find a tassel that would work well with this lamp...even if you didn't want to pop an accent color but just soften it.

Voila....."Softened" and beautiful with just one easy step!

A much more formal style here...this lamp actually comes with a tassel.

Another one just for fun! Step 1 - find the right tassel

Step 2 - Place tassel on lamp base

So there, you have it, yet another simple way you can "soften" and make the room a little more cozy and appealing. Decisions, decisions, which lamps with YOU tassel?

  Oh, and by the way, another great tip for softening with tassels is to hang one on the front of  your secretary, buffet, hutch, etc...it makes for a great look.  I bet you've seen that done before but just maybe didn't realize that it was actually "softening" the space as well. 

 Or, you can simply lay one on top of books...another little "trick of the trade" we sometimes use to soften a hard surface!

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Image Credits: Alpha & Omega Interiors, WW Lamps, Robert Allen

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