December 1, 2011

Spice it up a little!

You may ask..."spice what up a little?"  How about spicing up a very beautiful and TRADITIONAL home with this...

This rug made me smile today!  One of our designers has a lovely home which is quite traditional.  She has been wanting to make some changes and had asked me to help her.  I was thrilled!  I selected "this" Vera Bradley rug for her formal living room, yes, I said "formal" living room.  It is now in the room with a newly re-upholstered blue velvet sofa...sort of like this...not exactly, but blue  like in the rug...oh, and beautiful pleated arms.  I saw it today and it...made me smile.  I LOVED it!  It is bright and cheerful and changes the look of the entire room.  We don't have to move out any of her "traditional" pieces, but we are indeed spicing it up a little!

You may ask, why would you put a bright and vibrant rug like this in a traditional home.  My answer would be "to spice things up a bit".  She even admitted that this really is her style...but she just hasn't brought it out in her home...until today!

I thought we'd pair it with some lamps maybe like this...

or this...

...pulling colors that are in the rug.

Then, we will fill the sofa with some "popping" pillows to top it off. (Selections not made yet.) What a fun "updating" project! Maybe she will even let me sneak in some pictures of the project after we are done!  More later...I hope!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits: Vera Bradley, Traditional Home, Robert Abbey

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