December 21, 2011

Room Rescue...Reveal

I know I've been a little slack in the blogging world lately, but we have been crazy busy getting all of our installations completed before Christmas...and finally, they are indeed done.  

Remember me sharing the recent room design for one of our current dining room projects?  In case you missed it you can revisit it here.  I had promised to bring you the entire room here it is.  First, here are some "before" photos of the room. 


And here are some "after" photos...drum-roll please (ah, come on, humor me!!)  Oh, and we do indeed have a real treat for you...we have the Thanksgiving decor for you to see AND the Christmas decor we did too!!  A double treat I guess you could say!


 Remember that gorgeous rug we told you about that finally came in?  This is it!

 These aren't professional photos and I do believe the cleaning crew moved her lamps a bit...but hey, who can complain when you have someone to clean for you, right?
The table decorations and the buffet piece were all custom made.  We selected each and every item in them and then had them made.  They turned out lovely! 

Another drum-roll please...Here are the Christmas photos of the same room...

 Another centerpiece for Christmas that we customized.  She loved it!

 And yes, the buffet piece was custom-made too just for this spot...what do ya think?

 Close up of  centerpiece...

Close up of buffet sled...

Custom spray we did for the mirror that carries the theme from the table over to the wall...just adds that special touch to finish it off.

Well, there, you have it...our Room Rescue Reveal.  What did you think of it?  We carried the color scheme from the other rooms in the house (kitchen and great room) into the dining room and now the entire house "flows" nicely.  It is warm and inviting and the clients are happy...after all, that's what counts!

Hope you enjoyed!

Be sure to have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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