August 13, 2012

What's Inspiring Me Monday!

Did you know that "wanna-be" is not a good thing in the world of good 'ole interior design.  Why?  Because with each new day you may just find yourself "wanna-being" another STYLE all together!

My newest "wanna-be" design style (aka "inspiration") is this...

Workspaces that inspire

Beautiful straight line, crisp white shelving!  I am simply loving these enough to "wanna-be" incorporating some into my own home.  Funny thing is...this is not my style at all...but I LOVE it.  I have some amazing collectibles that I could definitely see on these.

So what's a girl to do...wanna-be this, wanna-be that...see, that's not good and maybe THAT is the very reason I have a hard time decorating for "myself" (not hard for others, just for me!).

What inspiration have YOU seen lately that makes YOU "wanna-be"?  Is it your style...or completely off the page for you?

Hope you're having a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Image Credits:  Flickr

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