August 10, 2012

Forgotten? ...Never!

Hello once again sweet readers!  I certainly hope you didn't think that we forgot you...we have just been slammed with design projects of all sorts.  As you know, work comes before blog-land, so that is where we've been!  We hope to soon have some before and after photos to share, some new design image boards that are in the works, and some of the great products we'll be stay tuned.

Since it is Friday (again, already!!) I thought I'd just share with you some artwork that I have been admiring for my own design house!
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If you recall, my own color scheme includes Sherwin Williams "Valentine" 

and "Humble Gold" (which is SO much more yellow/gold than this shows on my resolution!)
(The color on my walls radiates the color of yellow in the above artwork-so if yours doesn't show this, then you are being deceived by technology - Ha!)

And then there is the "green monsters" I am working to move OUT of the house...and enter...turquoise blue shades (sea inspired, of course!).  Want to hear a funny not so funny story...I do not like green AT ALL...yet my house is was filled with it!!!  Why, you may ask.  Honestly, it's because my life was WAY to busy for ME when we were making selections for this home.  It was and I never had the needed focus and time to just really think (and design) something that I would be happy with in the long run.  In such a hurry as to meet the time crunches with subcontractors, and not knowing what furnishings/upholstery I would be using (i.e. NO DESIGN PLAN FOR MYSELF!!) I just gave in and picked something...even though one color was one I did not like at all....thus, the "green monsters"! 

I guess the lesson in all of this, even though I've had an interior design business for 26 years, we all need...a PLAN!  It can save plenty of money, headaches, disappointments, the long run!

So, in my mission (a slow one) that is why I've been seriously considering adding in these prints somewhere.  The colors are perfect...I love flowers...and they make me happy!  

So, what design mistakes have YOU made along the way? Are there any?  Are you in the process of making them right?  We'd love to know!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Weekend!

Image Credits:  Alpha & Omega Vendor Files, Sherwin Willliams

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