August 29, 2012

Wacky Wednesday - Room Fun

Isn't is so hard to believe that summer is officially coming to an end after this weekend?  But, believe it or not, I am ready!  This is not usually the case with me.  I love summer so that I always hate to say goodbye.

In working with designs in orange and aqua, I came across this inspirational photo here.  It reminded me of something that I was discussing with one of our designers this week.  There are some room designs that we just "know" when we need to add in an element of fun.  We call it the "conversation piece in the room".  It can be 'off the wall' long as it works with the other designs in the room.  We LOVE it when we can do this...and we try to as often as possible...depending upon the client's style/taste/hobby, etc.  The clients always love this!

sallien:  courtesy of house of turquoise. Aqua blue accents with coral/orange armchairs and ...

I'm sure by now you know what it is in this room that caught my attention, right?  Yes, the orange and aqua elephant on the wall.  Isn't it great!!  It works, it truly does and it just makes this room (my opinion, of course).  All of the elements work well together and it gives this room a little more personality.

What elements of FUN have you perhaps added into your rooms to give it a little more flair?  Come one, share with us please! Right now, we are working with a client that loves dogs (and, has several) so we are looking at "dog fabrics" for an accent chair...yes, we really are! Oh, and in a guest have monkey themed art on one wall...yes, please!  A very unexpected "look" and a big hit with the guests staying over.

Thanks for stopping by and...
Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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