September 4, 2012

Lingering Summer Colors

I've been MIA a few days only to get away and enjoy the last days of summer with some of our special friends.  Where did we go, you might wonder?  No exotic place...just good 'ole...Myrtle Beach, SC.  A long time friend of mine, and her husband, went along with us so she and I could enjoy some OLD (and new!) memories together before the end of yet another season.  We grew up sharing many trips to Myrtle we had lots of reminiscing to do...and definitely lots of laughs together!  We are still 'crazy'...even in our older years! Our hubbies had a great time too and got a kick out of seeing us girls so "silly" (yes, we were acting silly!!)  Good, clean fun is always refreshing!  There is nothing like spending time with best friends!!  How about YOU?  What did you do for the weekend?

Now that I am back, trying my best to get into the swing of things here at work...I find that I still want (and crave) some summer COLOR around here.  These were in my inbox this morning and I thought I'd share with you today...

In the File
I really like this BHG transformation of ugly plain file cabinets.  They can become sassy and pretty with a little work and some spray paint.  This is one I might be willing to try (well, not in orange)!  Look how they made a top to fit across both cabinets to make it look like one piece.  These look so much better this way.

Here is another inspiring TH idea because it is a great way to add pops of color with your storage pieces...boxes and binders!  I had not even thought of sprucing up the office by using colorful binders...mine are mostly white. I may just have to try this!  Oh, and check out this PINK (oh yea!) jewelry box used to store paper clips, pencils, and push pins...isn't that a great idea?

Even though I crave some 'happy' colors around here after summer is gone...I am really looking forward to fall this year.  How about you still find that you need some summer color around your home or office...even in the other seasons of the year?  Or, am I solo in this one?

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day! 

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