September 18, 2012

Room Design Peek

Remember our client's red and blue guest bedroom we designed and installed turn-key recently, here?  We are in the midst of doing her other guest bedroom so I thought I'd share a sneak-peek of this room design with you today. 

Guest Bedroom

Keep in mind, we have to "pop" a little red in this room as well to keep the "flow" between these two bedrooms...and the guest bathroom that is between these two rooms (we'll share that with you later this week perhaps!).  There are two windows on either side of the bed.  The panel draperies will be on the outside of each window frame that entire wall where she has the iron piece as a headboard (this was already in her room).  The bedding will be custom-made from these fabrics...however, the pillows will not be exactly as on this design.  There will be another euro sham made out of the blue bedding and then we are custom designing a bolster pillow combining three fabrics (blue, cream and a little red).  I just put this red one in for board purposes only. You can see a few other "pops" of red in this room that we will incorporate as well.  Actually, this red throw will go on a chair we are having made in yet another creamy fabric (with a leaf print) to give it a little added color.  Oh, and yes, there will be a small TV in this room for the guest so this chest will be the perfect addition for it, as well as a little extra storage in the room.  As for the artwork...we are still "playing", if you will, for the exact pieces we want to showcase.  Two choices are on the board here as possible options.  Again, it's not complete...just the "bones" of the room and the bedding.  The accessories will come last, but we'll be sure to share photos with you once it's all completely installed.

Now...for the real tangible inspiration board that we created for our client...(who is local)
As you can see...on the right side we included a few samples from the other guest bedroom that we did...and the stripe in the center is from the bathroom in between these two rooms...and all the other items were possibilities for this new room.  As you can tell, we've already changed the lamp!  She wanted to pop a little more red in this room too...which we were indeed going to do in a few accessory pieces anyway...we aim to please!  The chair will not be in this red fabric...see more on that below (just this style).

Also, here's our graphic layouts of this room that we originally presented to our client...(her carpet IS blue, by the way).

Remember, this bolster will really be out of three fabrics and have much less red on it than this one here.

The chair is this style, but will not be this white.  The exact fabric was not yet chosen when these designs were created.  It will be a creme-on-cream leafy pattern that blends well with the tones in the other cream fabric in the room....just FYI.  
Also, this wall is a bit larger than shown here and the chest will go flush against the wall (not turned as shown).  Then, our client has lots of framed pictures she wanted to use somewhere so we plan to go through them and do a gallery wall over this chest and on this wall.  Sort of like this idea below...

This will look really nice and fill in that wall behind the chair too.

Here is one of the pictures we are deliberating over using in here...just one option though.  Flowers shown on the garden seat...just for "softening" purposes on here.  

And here was the floorplan of this room to give her an idea of furniture placement.

So...I hope you enjoyed our Room Design Peek today.  We will post the full room reveal once it's completed.  All furniture, fabrics, lamps, etc are already on order so hopefully we will install everything by the end of October.  The custom items all take about 4-6 weeks...but we are excited about presenting the final products to our client...who, by the way, is an absolute delight to work with.  That makes our job even all the "merrier"!  Right?

If you'd like for us to design YOUR next room...just comment on the blog and we'll get back with you on all the details and pricing.

Here's to a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Images are property of Alpha & Omega Interiors, except image of gallery wall by Traditional Home.