October 19, 2012

My Kind of Beauty

In gearing up for a cool fall weekend...I thought I'd share some beautiful photos with you of a recent trip we took.  OK, now remember, I am totally a BEACH girl...remember?  Even in the fall of the year!  I can't help it...it's in my blood!

View from the hotel (the ocean is just on the other side of those tall buildings!)

Aah, here it is!

And here is another beach...not far away.  I LOVE the white sand! 

Palm trees are my favorite...isn't this beautiful?  This is a small beach area built around a lake in this neighborhood.

There is nothing more beautiful than the sunset going down over the Pacific Ocean...oh my gosh...it was incredible and we went to see it every single evening!

The sand and beautiful white shells all around.

The gorgeous landscape everywhere you look...amazing!  Look here at this color palette...green, blue, white, with "pops" of pink.  Oh my my!

Views like this all around...isn't this home gorgeous?  Is it mine you, may ask...not yet  no!  

 Pool time...with palm trees all around and 90 degrees still...I'll take it any time!

A little glimpse of night life with outdoor dining along the street...oh, and with most of the palm trees covered in white lights.  Now, THAT was absolutely breath-taking.  Here it is...
(and this picture really doesn't capture the beauty of it all)

Now I've got to go from THAT....to a Fall weekend here!  What's a girl to do?  Well, this girl anyway!

Make it a "Simply Irresistible" one!

Image Credits:  Property of Alpha  & Omega Interiors

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