January 13, 2011

The World of Window Treatments #3

"The world of window treatments" is a fascinating and exciting part of interior design. Window treatments can, and often are, used in some very unique ways. Were you able to guess what else they could be used for....any idea? Well, come on, get yourself a nice cup of hot coffee or tea, relax, and let's get started and see!

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

OK, I know this one is a little "over the top" for most of us, but it does represent another way we can decorate with window treatments.....especially the drapery panels we have been discussing. What a clever way to bring elegance into the bathroom and look at how it makes the tub the focal point of the room...not the fireplace, but the beautiful tub area. It's hard to tell, but more than likely the top of these panels have small grommets sewn in for the hooks to go through......what a fabulous look!

small wallpapered bathroom
Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Here we have another bath, with a little more "relaxed" feeling, which also shows how drapery panels can be used to create custom shower curtains. In this one, a valance has been added to match the valance over the small window.

Now can you guess what other use we might can find for drapery panels? I won't keep you guessing...
bedrooms - guest twin beds seafoam green canopy blue tufted bench yellow bolster pillows green blue yellow bedroom  Elizabeth Dinkel  green blue
Photo courtesy of Decor Pad

Isn't this truly "Simply Irresistible"? Custom panels (and valances) are a great way to create a focal point over the bed. They can be used with or without a headboard. Many times the window treatment used in this fashion actually IS the headboard. Here they are used with headboards and can be seen through the open weave pattern in the wood.

Cassique - Master Suite
Photo courtesy of Coastal Living

Here we have not only the fabric panels behind the headboard, but also panels on all four corners of the bed. In this particular design, a simple flat valance is added all the way around three sides. This is all created with our basic drapery panels shirred onto the rods.....simple, but what a statement it makes in the room.

Classic Island Interiors: Embroidered Caribbean
Photo courtesy of Coastal Living

Another beautiful creation behind the fabric headboard to frame out the bed. It is done to fit between the two side windows making the entire wall flow together. Here, a solid fabric was used, but you could use a coordinating fabric and have a few throw pillows made in the same fabric to toss on the bed as well. The pillows would be used to "splash" that same fabric onto the bed (repeating the fabric in the room is a design tip).

And.....one last creative way to use our custom drapery panels....Bet you never would have guessed this one!
Classic Island Interiors: Cool Escape
Photo courtesy of Coastal Living

These plush panels are used here around this gazebo to create that special place...a retreat to "paradise" and can be used right in your own back yard. Panels used in this way create a cozy "room" outside with nature. This one makes me want to grab a good book along with a glass of iced tea and retreat here for the rest of the day! How 'bout you?

This will conclude our section on basic drapery panels. I hope these ideas and suggestions have inspired you to add panels in your own home or office. Go ahead, try it...you will be amazed at the difference it makes! Next time, we'll be taking a look at yet another fascinating aspect in our "World of Window Treatment" series...you will also find it to be "Simply Irresistible....Designs".

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