January 24, 2011

The World of Window Treatments #5

Once again, let's take a look at some more VALANCE options for you to consider. Keep in mind that window treatments are the element that adds the most warmth to your room. They add color and texture and set the tone for the design. Let's take a look at more styles...

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

Since we left off with the classic swag and cascades let's take a look at the same style on a larger window. Here you have three swags since you have three standard windows together. Remember us talking about the cascade lining choices....the cascades are the side pieces of the valance....on these they have used a solid fabric which shows in the soft folds on each side. This is still a popular style used alone or with drapery panels.

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Let's now look at another swag....the wrapped swag. This is a really simple treatment but yet makes such a statement. It can be used on large windows as well as smaller windows. The larger the window, the more "wraps" you will have. This is typically a less formal look than the classic swag, yet here they used a silk fabric which dresses it up a bit. So keep in mind, fabric plays a role in the overall affect as well. In this picture notice that this valance is used with the roman shade (that we discussed last time) and with drapery panels. Even though the design is simple, here it is embellished with a contrasting one-inch banding on the edge. The fabric used to do this is the same used for the roman shade, which ties it all together very nicely.

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

Now I want to point out another style....the pleated valance. Pleated valances are called this since they do have "pleats". Inverted pleats are usually used, but first let's look at this one simply because it is a pleated valance with a scalloped bottom. This particular one gives the affect of a swag, doesn't it? Notice it even has the ends finished like cascades.

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Here we have a true pleated valance. which is very simple yet very striking. It is embellished with just a little "nautical fun"....rope! Sometimes the pleats are made to reveal a small amount of the valance lining, so in that case you might want to use a contrast fabric - perhaps red in this one if pleats were made in this way.

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

Another true pleated valance used here in an office with large windows all around. This style gives it a clean, sleek look. No "bells and whistles" added on this one. What a great look!

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

Using a floral pattern, with a contrast stripe for the edge trim, we can see that this same valance now creates an all together different design style. The same valance is used to frame the bed as well, along with drapery panels on each side. Note that the stripe on the edge is also the fabric used on the headboard, lining of panels at bed, bolster pillows and bench. Also, it looks as if two different fabric panels are at the window, one in the floral print and the other (to the inside of floral panels) in the stripe. A lot of "extras" were used in this room, but you can see how well it all ties together once again.

I hope you have found these designs to be "Simply Irresistible". Next time we will look at more valance styles, keeping it simple, and then we'll progress towards the more intricate styles. From these, you are sure to find the valance style that is just right for YOU! Now, go have yourself a most BLESSED day!

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