January 29, 2011

"Simply Irresistible" Finds of the Week

Well, it's hard to believe that it is the close of another week. Where has January gone? If you are like most of us in the South, we are yearning for the warm days of Spring! I know....we still have a ways to go, so for today I thought I'd end the week by sharing a few "simply irresistible" finds in rooms using style, color, and fabrics to usher in SPRING a little early. Sit back and enjoy these photos we've shared from some of our wallpaper and fabric vendors.

Delightful designs from Thibaut

Speaking of delightful....this is it! If this doesn't usher in Spring, I don't know what will. A breath of fresh air is in all the elements of this room. Please take a moment to reflect on each of our topics we've been sharing with you....look at the tasteful mix of different fabric patterns, the use of custom pillows with added embellishments, and of course....the Roman Shade window covering. I think you too will find this room "Simply Irresistible".....and I must share that I am planning to use this exact wallpaper in my master bath re-do! It is definitely my style and my colors! Love it!

Another Thibaut Inspiration

Ah...here is another to take note of... the lovely green shade of color used, but also the "light and breezy" feel from using only shirred (gathered on the rod) sheers at the windows. Again, notice the mix of patterns and the pillows...and what about this rug!

A classic Thibaut print

Birdcages on a crisp white background...isn't this truly another "simply irresistible" find for today? Here the fabric used matches the wallpaper. Look at that cording that was added to the chairs (on edge of cushion). And remember, we can design YOUR room using this same fabric and wallpaper, as we do both local and long distance interior design!

OK, I can't move on without showing you this fabric and wallpaper design (too new for photo with it used in a room). For those of you that know me, I LOVE to throw in a conversation theme once in awhile....and monkeys are great for this! But, what do YOU think? After all, it has to please YOUR "taste buds"!

Seahorses and Starfish from Thibaut

I believe the picture says it all in this one...but take note of the "custom" elements (like the contrast welt sewn several inches up from bottom of the table skirt). Simply Irresistible!

"A picture is worth a thousand words"....Thibaut fabrics and wallpaper

Thibaut Inspirations at their best!

Color inspirations alone in this room make me think of Spring! You are probably asking "who in their right mind would use blue, green, gold, and orange together"? The answer is "I WOULD". Like I said, I think the colors alone here make this room, but especially with this wonderful, refreshing fabric and wallpaper design that so tastefully blends all of these colors together. Note the added design features of the pillows, dust ruffle to match the window treatments (gotta love that gold fringe on these too!), custom headboard, hand-painted night stand, and, last but not least.....the lovely lamp shades that bring in each color element AND adds another pattern, a stripe.

Well, which one of these do YOU think deserves the most honorable mention for design style this week? As for me, I really do like the first one that I plan on using myself, but to answer this question now....I vote for the last one! To me, it is truly a "Simply Irresistible" room with lots of color and character that I can't resist.....and, it ushers in SPRING like we mentioned!

I hope you have found our "Simply Irresistible Finds of the Week" as refreshing and enjoyable as I did. I plan to end each week, as time allows, with more intriguing FINDS of the design trade! So, until next time, go make your day blessed and "simply irresistible"!


  1. I am unable to choose a favorite! I don't know that I could do the wallpaper, but the colors combos are awesome! They remind me of scrapbook papers. LOL.

  2. You are so right...they do indeed remind me of scrapbook paper. I know that is why I love to scrapbook, because I so enjoy pulling all the papers together using different color combinations and patterns. Thanks so much for sharing!