January 31, 2011

The World of Window Treatments #6

Welcome back to our blog! Our last post was about rooms that inspired an early Spring....and I think we actually got a day like that yesterday with the high at 68. That made it a "Simply Irresistible" day for sure!

Today we are going to continue to look at simple valances that do not require much fabric yardage, but we are going to add a little "spice" in this time. Treatments can be made as simple as you'd like (which also holds down the cost), but you can always enhance that same valance in a variety of ways.....so, let's take a look.

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

This lovely, yet very simple, valance is basically a straight fabric valance that is gathered and attached only on the corners of the window to allow it to cascade down the sides a bit. With it not being attached to anything in the middle, it forms a slight dip. I do believe that a small, navy cording has been added across the bottom. Notice how something as simple as this just "makes" this area.

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Here we have what I call a "London Topper" valance. It is basically a stationary roman shade (does not go up and down) with contrasting ties added in black and white. Again, so simple, but with this added "spice" to it....well, let's just say it "pops". And you've got to LOVE that cat!

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

First of all, I love the simplicity of color here. Isn't the white and blue color scheme with the added flair of pink/reds and black accents......"Simply Irresistible"? Now, take a look at this stunning window valance! It is similar to the pleated valance we looked at earlier (notice that corners are pleated), but here the front is shaped with scallops every few inches. See...a very simple valance, not a lot of fabric either, but enhanced with the black trim AND a scalloped edge. Just FYI, the scallop edge alone does add quite a bit to the expense of this valance (as does the trim), but it is sure to create that "WOW" factor in your room.

Now, I will leave you with another more dramatic valance style to give you a taste of how we can easily add to these basic designs to create....THIS!

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Isn't this valance gorgeous! Look at the detail of it, yet it is still ever-so-simple. They have also incorporated a treatment over the bed, yet look at how simple the bedding itself it.

There are so many wonderful and creative ways to design your window valances. I hope this series has helped you to see the "world of window treatments" in a delightful new way! We will add more creativity upon our return.....so for now, go have a MOST BLESSED day!

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