August 30, 2011

Essie Fall Fashion Colors

Well, as we said before...Fall is almost upon us.  With it brings a whole new color scheme to some things like clothing, accessories, make-up and...nail polish.  To be honest with you, I always seem to dread it for this very reason.  I just love more of the summer colors and I am not a lover of any Fall colors really...maybe with the exception of some tones in the red family (those with a hint of PINK, no doubt!). I don't even enjoy shopping for Fall clothes (lame, huh?) because I usually just don't like the "colors".  I am just being honest about myself here.  If any of you are like this, I'd love to know!  I usually end up with just black, ivory/cremes and deep pink/red tone fashion items.

Now, back to my topic for today...nail polish for Fall this year (drum roll please!)...Here are the new colors from Essie.

Their Fall 2011 collection was inspired by 1940's and 1950's handbags so the colors are both sophisticated and ladylike (per Glamour's fashion statement).

Top one is a dark green, (going clockwise) next is an almond blush, working into the mulberry merlot (one I think I could go for!) and the demure pink (hey, another one I would like), then a rich caramel beige and creamy burnt sienna.  So there, we have it, they new Fall lineup for Essie nail polish.  These should be available in stores this month...which means they could be there now.  What do you think of these new colors?  Are they for you?  Are you ready to switch your wardrobe out for Fall?  Tell me your helpful fashion secrets...I'd love to know!

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