August 11, 2011

Designer Kudos

This week it's kudos to designer, Meg Braff, a Manhattan-based designer.  I simply adore her designs...they're colorful, fresh, unique, and classical...well, let's just say they're..."Simply Irresistible" in every way! These photos are from her very own West Palm Beach condo vacation escape.  

Aah...sunny yellows! This room is mostly white with the color being added in the rug, pillows and accent chairs. I love the way she mirrored the entire back wall, which I'm sure makes the space feel much larger and it even adds the view of the Intracoastal Waterway to the other end of the room.  Oh, and don't you love the cocktail table in here?  Using the ghost table allows her to be able to add those other two small tables without crowding the space... genius! 

What a beautiful color combo here...citrus orange and cool blue.  I love these colors together especially when used with just the right amount of white.  What a fun and happy room this is!

The dining room is mostly white, like her living room, but splashed with more yummy colors.  The artwork and table are modern and simple, yet mixed with these more traditional queen anne chairs for a great look.  

Now this truly is..."Palm Beach panache"!  Don't you just love the deep bold turquoise used in here?  Again, it is balanced with alot of white as well.  Look at how that one piece of artwork brings in the other colors as well to keep the color scheme "flowing" throughout! I simply adore this room here!  

Another look at the fearless use of color...and notice the soft curves in that sculptural cocktail table!  It actually adds a bit of "softening" to this room just because of the nice curves.  The artwork chosen for this space also pulls in the other colors used throughout, just like she did in the above room.  Once again, this sitting area is also balanced with the use of lots of white.  

OK, now you KNOW I'll be naming this room as..."Simply Irresistible"!  Of course, it's PINK (for those of you that know me by now!).  Yes, I love's my "fave"!  This is actually the beach condo's master suite.  A lovely soft shade of pink is used, not too overwhelming or bold, and blended again with lots of ... what?  WHITE, yes! I just adore this wallpaper choice too!

I certainly hope you have enjoyed taking a little tour of this beautiful and color-inspired beach condo by Meg Braff.  I hope you can see from this that bold color, or lots of colors, CAN work for you.  It can really enhance the overall personality of your rooms!  However, especially if you are unsure of this much color all means, add in the white to keep the balance!

Thanks for stopping by...

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!  

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