June 14, 2011

Does your home truly reflect...YOU?

Does your home look like you?

Did you know that your home should be an extension of you...your personality, your character, your style...everything about YOU.  Does it reflect this?  Would you like to know if it does?  This is a little test I read about quite some time ago that I thought I'd share.  Honestly, I don't even recall where I read it, but I thought it was a neat idea.

1) Start by clearing your mind of what your home looks like now or even what you wish it looked like. 

2)Take a good look around your home, even your storage areas, and find six things that you simply love. It can be a  dish, an accessory, rug, a piece of clothing, a purse, a piece of furniture, an architectural element...just any six things you absolutely love. Be honest if you want true results.  Take your time in doing this part.

3)Put all of these items in a spot together (like out on a cleared table) and take a look. 

4) Describe, or perhaps write down, what you see.  What colors, style, textures, themes, etc, do they reveal?

Whatever they are, these are the colors and elements you need to combine and showcase in your home to make it truly represent YOU.  Does your home reflect this?...or does it maybe reflect hasty purchases of just "trendy" items?  Hum, this is a really good little test of "home personality"...will you try it?  

Let's see what kind of room make-overs any of us are in need of...get ready, get set, GO! Be sure to let us know what you find out about your "home personality". Come back and we'll talk about the results too...and what to do.

Have a blessed and "Simply Irresistible" Day!

 Photo Credits: Decor Pad

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