June 23, 2011

Summer Fruits and Room Design...Huh?

I've been "missing in action" for a few days this week but glad to be back today!  I hope each of you are having a delightful week.  A few days ago, I was taking the time to wash and cut up different fruits that I bought for us to have as "healthy" snacks...and you will never guess where that led my mind! Could it be once again to interior design thoughts (you know, when you love what you do it never shuts off, right?). I was standing there cutting it and noticed the vibrant colors of the fruit. I was imagining rooms designed in those exact colors!  Am I crazy or what?  So, needless to say, today's topic was easy...let's look at a few rooms that are in the colors of these fruits!  Oh, and by the way...Happy Summer, now that it's official.

Watermelon (which is my very FAVE fruit...I could eat my weight in it...seriously!

Ooh...I love everything about this room! Check out that "sassy" little ottoman too!

This room is just accented in the watermelon colors...green is a little more lime, but still a shade of green.  The fabrics are what mostly caught my eye to represent watermelon colors.

The walls look like the outside of a watermelon with the tablecloth being the color of the inside...lovely! Hey, check out the "pops" of black on the frames, mirror, and chairs...don't forget that black is always a great idea with most any color way!

I was craving cantaloupe too...yummy!

The sofa here reminds me of the outside of the rind and then the colors of the inside on the pillows...how refreshing!
Colorfull orange Pillow Decorating Ideas Boost Your Spirit with Orange Interior Decorating ideas

How do you like this door color and floor together?  I noticed that the artwork here really ties the two colors together nicely...can you tell?

The greens in the background, along with this luscious tablescape color also remind me of the cantaloupe.

What a bright and cheerful room this is.  These colors, used with all the white, bring such a light and airy feeling with it.

And of course...who wouldn't love strawberries?

I love this traditional room design in these colors of the strawberries.  Even the plant reminded me of the tops of the fruit...how 'bout that?

Here's another "fruity" room, ha...I mean strawberry colored room!

I hope you enjoyed a look at the colors of fruit in a whole new way today.  Have you ever thought about these colors when you were cutting up fruit?  Just wondered if I was the only "crazy" one out here that did this!! Perhaps not.  What's your fave fruit and have you used those colors in your home (or wardrobe maybe!)?

Hope your day is blessed, and of course, that it is...
"Simply Irresistible"!

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