June 7, 2011

Softening Your Table-Tops Part 3

Glad you could make it back for more ideas on table-top softening.  If you missed the first two parts be sure to take a moment and read about those tips too.  Who knows, you may just have a few tables in your home that are in need of a little "softening" right now.

Today...we start with moss spheres.  These are really hot right now and work great to bring a little "softening" to your table-tops. They come in a variety of sizes so I'm sure you can find the right sizes you need.  Smaller ones like these can be put in one of your lovely bowls (even in colorful porcelain bowls) and displayed on one of your tables. 

Or just simply place one atop a stack of books...

Then...the large ones can be displayed just free-standing like these here on the bottom shelf.  I know the top has a floral which softens it, but these spheres do the trick on the bottom...can you tell?  It just has a "softer" flow about it.  I think these are great!

Now let's go ahead and give you another "softening" tip...did you know that adding fabric benches under your tables can also do the trick...well, take a look.  Now, I know this table does have some greenery to soften it, but I wanted to use it to show you that the fabrics also soften the effect. What do you think?

Here's one without any floral or greenery...only hard surfaces.  See how the fabric does indeed soften the entire area?

And now this one to end our series on softening your table-tops...this one has three of the softening "tricks of the trade" all put together.  The floral (or here...greenery), a sphere (even though it isn't a moss sphere) and upholstered benches under the table....all of which make for great ways to "soften" any table. Oh, and we could certainly add a lovely tassel to this bust...or just lay it around the base of it...and then we'd have all four  of our "softening tips!  Don't ya think that would add a bit of flair to him too? Yes, I could see it!

I certainly hope we have given you a few simple tips that you can try in your home. Let us know if you have a favorite that you use!

Be blessed and have a...
"Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits: The Lennoxx, Traditional Home, Decor Pad, Little Blue Prints, Decor Pad, House Beautiful. 

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